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  1. Green Living
    My husband uses half and half in his coffee everyday, so I decided we'd try an organic brand. My supermarket only carries one, so I picked it up. It was Organic Cow brand. This morning I checked out the brand on the Cornucopia website, they are a watchdog organization of sorts that investigates...
  2. News you can use
    Stocks jump as S&P reaffirms bond insurer ratings Stocks bolted higher Monday after Standard & Poor's affirmed its ratings for Ambac Financial Group (ABK) and MBIA (MBI), raising ... </img>
  3. Quilting
    This is free from Consumer Report's magazine, through Feb 8th. Here is the chart: And here is the info: Sewing machines, plain and fancy You don’t have to spend thousands to get a handy, versatile, and durable sewing machine. You can see...
  4. General Chat
    Remember how I was crying about my Oprah show being moved? I found out what timeslot she has now... 1:30 AM!!! :( Why me why oh why oh why? :( Now, what time slots does she have in your areas? I might need to pack up my bags and move, her shows are always so relaxing to me, it renews me at...
  5. Family
    Thanksgiving we went to the ILs well on their computer they have some of DAHs games. these are all rated M my children even though they are 13 and 9 are allowed to play E and Kids and that is all they are allowed to play. My SIL had a fit to think they were not allowed to play Mature games. *she...
1-5 of 5 Results