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  1. Home Environment
    ~I'm going to drive you all crazy with my questions about building a house! I whittled my favorite house plan down to 1293 square feet(also simplified the style to save money ;) ). For some reason it seems too large and too small at the same time. DH and both grew up homes around but less than...
  2. Question and Answer
    I have been searching for a great Italian meatball recipe, and have found that most of them online are really very similar, except for one thing: Some call for one egg for as much as two pounds of meat, while others call for three eggs for one pound of meat. I know the egg helps to bind the...
  3. Kitchen Basics
    I switched from liquid creamer to powdered creamer cause it was cheaper, wanted to know if anyone know the ratio of powdered to water to make a liquid creamer. Hoping if I can do this, it might taste the same! Thanks.
  4. General Chat
    I just had a realization... it seems that the majority of posters here are female, no? Okay, I know I may be a little slow on the uptake - especially when I'm in "research" mode. :newbie: So my inner scientist is curious. Just what are the gender ratios here on Frugal Village Forums? Would...
  5. Kitchen Basics
    I'm making what we call snickerdoodles for T-day. It's just a pie crust rubbed with butter, then coated with brown sugar and cinnamon. You roll it up, cut it into small pinwheel-type pieces, and bake. My problem is that Mom always makes them, and being an excellent cook she doesn't measure...
1-5 of 5 Results