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  1. Blog
    Even if you don’t have time for baking from scratch this holiday season, that doesn’t mean you can't create a special treat for Christmas.  With a few simple ingredients you can put these Candy Coated Christmas Cookies together in no time! Recipe: Candy Coated Christmas Cookies
  2. Blog
    Thin Mints are one of the most popular cookies that Girl Scouts sell. Both of my daughters were Girl Scouts and there were people who would buy cases of them to freeze so they had them throughout the year! Ingredients + recipe here.
  3. Pumpkin
    Cranberry Pumpkin muffin recipe
  4. Blog
    These cranberry pumpkin muffins are moist, delicious and perfect for fall baking. The sweetness of the cranberries work wonderfully with the smooth pumpkin taste. They freeze well so you can make extra and save them for another time. Place them individually in plastic wrap and put them in a...
  5. Family
    I tend cook somethings new. Welcome any suggestion. I prefer Asia recipes :D
  6. General Chat
    To all that are playing the $10 game ~ fantastic job! Let's kick things up a notch. Help out others who are running out of ideas. Put on those thinking caps- and let's go. The challenge: recipes that require only 2-3 ingredients, TOPS! (That is not 2-3 main ingredients and then spices...
  7. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    :chef2: in the past week I've made: cinnamon raisin bagels light & fluffy sandwich bread hamburger bun's tiramiso chocolate mayo cake chocolate buttercream frosting peanut butter cookies corn syrup *sub* for marcapone cheese
  8. Kitchen Basics
    These sites provide healthy recipes with nutrition stats. SNAP-Ed Connection: Recipe Finder Frugal Abundance
  9. Kitchen Basics
    Vintage Recipes Vintage Recipes: Cookbooks
  10. Food challenges
    I want to get this started as I've made this a goal for myself for 2012. And while I failed miserably at this last year, I've renewed my resolve to make use of my HUGE (and seemingly GROWING) collection of cookbooks this year or face the self-imposed prospect of getting rid of some of them...
  11. Green Living
    Gabe and I are newly vegan. Today is day 8. :D While I have gathered recipes on my own, I'm looking for fellow veg sisters (or bros) to share their favorite vegan recipes. Not looking for links. I have a ton bookmarked. I'm looking for most anything from substitute recipes and soups to...
  12. Crockpot
    When I was a carnivore I used the crock constantly. I miss it! Does anybody have any good vegetarian crockpot recipes? Dairy and eggs are fine!
  13. Thrifty meals
    recipes when you were a child Recipe Descriptionknockwurst & sauerkraut Preparation Steps:Put all ingredients in crockpot. Simmer 3-4 hours, can be longer. Level of Difficulty:Easy Time Needed:very short time Ingredients:1 large can sauerkraut, wash it well...
  14. Kitchen Basics
    I've got 19 packets (diff flavours) of the stuff that nobody will eat anymore well at least as oatmeal . Are there any recipes that call for instant packets of oatmeal? I just can't bring myself to throw them out!!! There are (4) flavours but they all compliment each other so I should be able...
  15. Kitchen Basics
    As we are starting to get overrun with cucumbers, I'm hoping to try my hand at making pickles this summer. I've spent time surfing and I find a lot of recipes seem to need quite a few ingredients which kind of scares me. Anyone have a simple/easy tried and true recipe? (Can be dill or sweet...
1-16 of 500 Results