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  1. Weddings and bridal showers
    I have no idea why, but I just love that show! I think it's because I get to see people being happy without all the pretentious stuff I am used to at weddings... :bride::band::leg::cowwave:
  2. General Chat
    LOL, she's a sweetheart. She doesn't seem to respond to Daisy very well and I see that her momma's name is Magnolia Blossom ******* Gal, so maybe her name is Maggie, Blossom, or Gal? I'll try Maggie and see how she responds to that.
  3. General Chat
    A Different ******* We have enjoyed the ******* jokes for years. It's time to take a reflective look at the core beliefs of a culture that values home, family, country and God. If I had to stand before a dozen terrorists who threaten my life, I'd choose a half dozen or so ******** to back me...
  4. General Chat
    Gripey is doing his dead level best to quit smoking!!!:yippee: He's been smoking for 35 years and has quit about 5 times since we've been married, but there's something different about it this time. For one thing he casually mentioned about 4 or 5 days before Valentine's Day that he psyching...
  5. General Chat
    Seeing Kimmee's signature made the song (******* Woman by Gretchen Wilson)  start going through my head.... so here it is (free site- click to hear and read lyrics) if anyone else wants to sing along!*******-woman-lyrics.html Here's the thing.... most...
  6. Homesteading and gardening
    I was enjoying many hummingbord visits each day, but then the big bush lady neighbor noticed I had a feeder. (mentioned it in conversation) and next thing ya know she puts up several of her own. Do you see where I am going with this? LOL I am barely getting any. :( I seem to be attracting some...
1-6 of 19 Results