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  1. Home Decorating
    Kitchen redo. I will be able to change a kitchen soon from a hodgepodge disorganized, small space to a "look" of my desire. Of course, there is no budget as in no $$$. I am restrained by having a water softener and washer, in one corner, the sink is along that same wall, the stove and fridge...
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    heres some more things i found on you tube and thought you might like i'm having fun trying to find things to recycle-big hug fv
  3. Frugal Living
    Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More if you want to see it and cant by the link provided just send me a friend request at melissa blodgett robbins...I think i am the only one...hehe
  4. Home Decorating
    ~I've never dyed eggs so this would have never occurred to me but isn't it awesome? ~
  5. General Chat
    I'm always finding things at thrifts and sales. For dirt cheap always under $2 bucks.. i paint them and redo them..Thats how i decorate.
  6. Home Environment
    We had a new roof put on in 2008 and we knew of one leak, but it looks like there had been another in our bedroom. Our chest of drawers was at an angle in the corner with the tv on top. This room always had a musty smell that we attributed to the carpet. Well, I declared to hubby that we had...
  7. Frugal Living
    since my husbands check are 2x a month ( 15th and 30th ) and my once a month paycheck are for the things that are regular bills and my weekly income can go up and down based on how much i work so i use that for food- kids activities and debt repayment- i usually re-do the budget 2x a...
  8. Home Environment
    b/c I wasn't drinking coffee, yet. Gripey would drink it on the weekends but we rarely have another coffee drinker here. So I thought, ok, get rid of all the odds and ends cups and the ones that went to a set of dishes that the finish didn't 'feel right' on. (They were cheap dishes) Anyway since...
  9. Home Decorating
    O.K., countertops are way out of my budget, so I'm trying to figure out a way to redo mine cheap! cheap! cheap! I remember seeing something on HGTV, I think it was Decorating Cents, where they put grout on the counters and sanded it down to make it look like concrete. I was thinking more...
  10. DIY
    Hi there~ DH & I have been pondering our options on our girls' bathroom counter. It's formica (olive green/sand/black mix) and we'd like to make it white. Other than purchasing a new white formica counter...any ideas for an inexpensive re-do? TIA! Kari
  11. Home Decorating
    I'll be doing a faux granite technique and will definitely be doing before, during and after pics. It's gonna be a big job b/c we're gonna do the backsplash to match. I'm trying to gather my thoughts on the subject...:lol: I've started here...
  12. Home Decorating
    I've been waiting till I got the headboard of my bed done and potted my little silk plants for it. You can find them with the keywords PrairieRose's bedroom re-do. I think I miss numbered them (sorry I can't count....:lol:  ). If anyone is interested I'd gladly do a cost run-down for ya. I'm...
  13. Home Decorating
    Oh I am so sore that even typing is agony. The bathroom is finished except for my valance to be hung in there. I have to get a curtain rod for that. The bedroom is painted, needs one more coat on the woodwork. I have valances for it as well but when they were delivered I decided I needed more...
  14. Hobbies
    :D Ok here's the link for the border for dd's (college student) room re-do. What do you think? We're doing a heavy venetian plaster texture on the walls. The color will be the background of the border. I hope...
1-14 of 14 Results