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  1. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    Does anyone here do refunding? I am really interested in this and was wondering if anyone had any tips they could offer a newbie?
  2. Frugal Living
    Does anyone subscribe to refunding cents? Is it worth it?
  3. Frugal Living
    I've read of women who consistently refund several hundred dollars per month, yet I can only manage to get about $5.00 in refunds. What is the secret and how much time and effort is spent to achieve this?
  4. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Are you a refunder? (Voting is open for 5 days)
  5. Frugal Living
    Does anyone subscribe to "Refunding Makes Cents"? Is it worth the money? I'm looking for more ways to save and would appreciate any input. Thanks!
  6. Coupons
    I've compiled a list of terms and abbreviations that I come across on my money saving adventures. Feel free to add to it! Blinkies - instore smartsource coupon dispensed near product, usually from red blinking box BOGO or B1G1F - Buy one get one free Catalina - coupon dispensed at register...
  7. Household notebooks and home manuals :)
  8. Household notebooks and home manuals
  9. Frugal Living
    Most refunds ask for a cash tape as additional proof of purchase. Save your tapes in a small shoebox. What do you do if a tape is needed for two or more different refunds? There are several solutions to this problem. Some refunders cut up their tapes, and only send a small portion. Others...
  10. Frugal Living
    This single box will hold all your qualifiers for several months. At some point, you will begin to outgrow your box. Then it will be time to expand. Here's how. Get several more cardboard boxes. Find an out-of-the-way place to store them, in the basement, under the bed, or in the garage...
  11. Frugal Living
    ORGANIZE YOUR PROOFS Be sure to identify each UPC and proof of purchase so you'll know what you have. Don't trust your memory! As you cut off each proof, cut enough of the packaging to save identifying information, or write on the back of the proof the name and size of the product...
  12. Frugal Living
    BE PREPARED! I know it sounds strange (and you may not be willing to announce it to the world) that you are now saving your trash. But would you throw away a five dollar bill? Of course not. That is what you are doing when you throw away a proof of purchase worth $5. Or $10. Or $500. That's a...
1-12 of 12 Results