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  1. Christmas
    This would probably be a better topic closer to the holidays, but I'm curious about what people think about regifting. I dont have a problem with receiving a "regift" but I generally don't do it. I would rather give something very modest or something I got on sale than do a regift. My mom was...
  2. Christmas
    This was fun trick See if you can figure out how it works Regifting Robin
  3. Blog
    Being a frugalista is sometimes like being a child or an old person, alot of the time people smile and nod at you but you know they're thinking you're not quite on the same level as them... Anyway, the fruits of my rattling on came back to hit me in the face and was surprising and amusing in...
  4. Christmas Tis the season, enjoy.
  5. Christmas,,2-2518759,00.html My article posted on my blog is mentioned here.
  6. General Chat
    I do, especially with gift cards. I have a GF card for Macys I got for Christmas ($50.00) I am going to get 2 cards for $25.00 each and give them as gifts soon! I really am too much of a frugal person to shop there! $8.00 for underwear? Not for me! I have also gotten stuff, for example, a...
  7. Christmas
    It's time to pull out all those gifts you aren't using, so you can re-gift.
  8. Frugal Living
    Do you recycle gifts? Like you receive a gift you don't like, so give it as a gift to someone else? Like regifting a gift. lol Brandy
1-8 of 9 Results