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  1. Find Your Kith
    I have found myself slipping further and further away from the Lord and his plans for my life. And as a result, my life has been slipping into a whirwind of horrible decision and actions. :( I am ready for a full-on recommitment to Him and His plans for my life. Anyone else needing to...
  2. Home and family challenges
    I am challenging myself to take teaching my religion to my kids back from the church. I plan to read devotions nightly with my younger two and put inspiring quotes and scriptures on my oldest child's mirror. If anyone is interested, please join me. I started not to post here but I was lazy and...
  3. Easter
    Do you have some religious Easter celebration ideas/traditions? Here are a few of ours that we do somethings Jello poke cake White cake with red jello stripes symbolizing the blood that made use pure. Resurrection rolls Resurrection Rolls Recipe - Hard rolls on the table to...
  4. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Due to recent discussions on this board, I thought there may be a few people that might enjoy watching the documentaries on this site.
  5. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    She makes some really good points, I think. (And, dangit, I just noticed a problem with spelling in the title of this thread. Sigh.)
  6. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Gov. Sarah Palin's church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer. Guess they missed out on the news that it is at least partly genetic?
  7. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Moor posted in another thread: "Did you know that there is a scientific theory that states that people lived on this earth the same time as dinosaurs, but because the person is a christian, that SCIENTIFIC theory is not talked about?" I am always curious about this. I am trained as a...
  8. General Chat
    Okay--this will probably be the stupidest question, but could someone please tell me what exactly a "born again christian" is? My sister is one, I have a few friends that are, but I really don't know what it is. For a while, I was going to a baptist church and most people there were born...
  9. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I don't want to hijack the other thread(about who you DON'T want to be prez). Several of you, understandably, have made the comment that you don't want Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney to be president out of concern that their faith would be too much of a barrier. Ok....I get that, I really do...but...
  10. Find Your Kith
    I've recently started studying/practising Wicca, and was wondering who else out there is actively practising a non-Christian religion.
  11. Question and Answer
    My friends and I were talking about this yesterday. We're all students in our last year and money is incredibly tight for all of us. None of us are religious however, one friend made an observation that people who are religious have more success in being and staying frugal. I disagreed with her...
  12. Religion
    These are the ones I know: Goddess is alive, magick is afoot Ancient Mother, I hear you calling; Ancient Mother, I hear your sound; Ancient Mother, I hear your laughter; Ancient Mother, I taste your tears. Born of water, cleansing powerful; Healing changing, we are. Isis Astarte Diana...
  13. Religion
    Hello Everyone, I don't mean to make waves but are there any non-Christians here? I took a look at the thread titles and they all seem to mention something about Christian faith, which, while wonderful for it's adherants, is not my spiritual path. I was raised Protestant, explored a...
  14. Religion
    I found a book on my bookshelf. It is titled "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra. Don't know where it came from as I still have some of MIL's and her boyfriends books as well as mine. I don't remember it so it must have been her's or his. It talks about "Karma" and...
  15. Religion
    I am Catholic, and my dh was agnostic when we he is an atheist. I wish we could believe the same things. How about you?
  16. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I didn't think it did when i married my first husband, an athesist but then after we devorced I decided i couldn't marry anyone who didn't at least beleive in some one being up there. did religion matter to you??
  17. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    i think i have been to a church from most religions. I love to know how others worship. I know i am nuts. have you ever been to another church from your religion?
  18. Religion
    I didn't only because i didn't have one religion growing up. SO when i became an adult i started looking around. what about you.
1-18 of 21 Results