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  1. Health and beauty
    I've had a stuffy noise, cough and sore throat for a week. I've gone through the Dayquil and Nyquil stash that I brought when I moved from the US. In Denmark, there's not a whole lot of over the counter stuff available. I had double pink eye over the weekend, which seems to have cleared up...
  2. Health and beauty
    I just spilled hot grease on my hand. I am not a stranger to burns. Something about hot steel attracting my flesh. This, however seems different. It is still burning after an hour. I see several blisters forming. Any suggestions on stopping the burn?
  3. Health and beauty
    Ugh I have a horrible sore throat and cough. Any home remedies or homemade cough syrup? Cough syrup is like $8 for a small bottle...
  4. Question and Answer
    I've had high blood pressure for a while and I've been on numerous meds. I've been very sick for the last few weeks and my meds have been changed again. I'm just wondering if anyone has any natural remedies, herbs, etc. that they use to help with their blood pressure. Thanks in advance.
  5. Health and beauty
    I've had it for several years and don't have insurance and can't afford to go to a specialist. Does anyone know of anything that helps them. I've been taking Move Free and it does seem to help but I'm having a really bad flare up right now and I'm in so much pain. Thanks in advance.
  6. Health and beauty
    I found this website when searching for something natural to cure my sore throat because with the holidays my dr office has been closed. Anyway, I used one of the suggestions and it worked! My throat has been killing me for the past 3 days. Hope something on the site can help you also...
  7. Health and beauty
    This is a great interview with Jon Barron and I have his antipathogen formula in my fridge. I keep it there incase of emergencies. I purchased two bottles of it several years ago and for those who are interested, it is called Super ViraGon. My two bottles are set to expire this month, but as...
  8. Question and Answer
    besides just giving it time. I am taking an over the counter decongestant. I can't tell if it is working because I am still stopped up. Been almost a week now. Taking the medicine every 4 hours. I am using nose spray at night. That is the only relief I can get. HELP!!!!!!!!! I would like to be...
  9. Health and beauty
    I woke up this morning with an earache in my left ear. Besides taking Tylenol or Advil, is there anything I can do for the pain naturally?
  10. Question and Answer
    Oh man! I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled (ok, well actually 4 wisdom teeth and a molar) but right now the top,right wisdom tooth has been killing me allday! I have taken uncountable amounts of Ibuprofen,tylenol, tylenol with codeine and am also taking an antibiotic, rinsing with...
  11. Health and beauty
    We've got a cold running through the family. Lauren has a nonstop cough right now. Her Dr. said that she can't do anything more for her because I gave her 12 hr cough syrup at about 7:30 this morning. Anyway, I've also given her chamomile tea w/a bit of honey, but I'm hoping there are other...
  12. Health and beauty
    :angel:Anyone have any natural foods/treatments that are good for asthmatics? My DS9 is suffering this spring.
  13. Health and beauty
    started feeling really rough night before last but had youngest dd coming home so we could run an errand. My dad had lent her his car as a loaner for when her car was acting up. We had taken it to her (3 hours away) and left it. Well she now has a new car, so no need for the loaner. We had...
  14. Health and beauty
    If so, what's your favorite or most often used product? I have to say that I really *lurve* tea tree oil. It's a natural anti bacterial, anti fungal that works soooooo well. I had an issue with a toenail (didn't go to the dr. but pretty sure it was a fungus, ACK!) and just a couple of treatments...
  15. Health and beauty
    I have the nastiest fever blister right now! I've used abreeva in the past but it didnt do anything for me, carmex usually cuts my healing time down and at about 99cents a little jar - its a decent price too. But this one is not on my lip, its more on my chin. I knew when it was starting that...
  16. General Chat
    I would love to hear some old time remedies that has been past down to your family. Some of mine are: ALUM spice for a cold sore, Onion pack(cooked) placed on the chest to take a bad chest cold away, warm wet socks on the kids feet when they have a high temp. or how about ???... What can you...
  17. Make It Yourself
  18. Health and beauty
  19. General Chat
1-19 of 37 Results