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  1. Goals and Dreams
    January blipped by before I had a chance to even realize it was a new year. I didn't want February to go by the same way, so I challenged myself to do something that month that would make those twenty-nine days memorable. My challenge was to run five miles. I am hoping to meet that challenge...
  2. Goals and Dreams
    I just blogged about January, and I realized that the whole month went by without me doing any one specific thing that I could look back on with any sense of accomplishment. I don't want February to go by the same way, so I am setting a challenge to myself and to anyone else who wants a...
  3. General Chat
    When we were there my mom gave me some 9 mm films that used to belong to my aunt (my godmother) who passed away in 1968 when I was 10. Dh took them to a company that would put them onto a DVD. We got it back today and have just watched it. A film about my aunt's last trip abroad before she...
  4. Shrinking packages
    Another product of cut backs. They are now 6 packs at Walmart at about the same price as the 10 packs were. I've noticed the difference in food products but hadn't paid as much attention to non food items. Anyone else noticed other cut backs in non food products???
  5. General Chat
    I remember. I can't forget. Where were you 10 years ago today?
  6. General Chat
    Hi! I don't know if you all remember me. I have been gone awhile and now I am back. I messed up on my debt and now I'm really to tackle it head on. I missed you all and now I'm staying put. So happy to be back! By the way my name's Erma go by wwe11.
  7. General Chat
    Don't forget what day it is!
  8. General Chat
    We used to play this on 45's in my Aunt's room when we were kids.
  9. General Chat
    trying to make friends! After a really rough weekend I remember why it was that I decided to just be nice and friendly to everyone but to not make FRIENDS with people anymore. I always choose the wrong people to be friends with. You know the ones, they want, want, want from you yet are never...
  10. General Chat
    the Red Rose tea back when each box had little animals in it? I had loads of the little animals. I wonder what ever happened to them?
  11. General Chat
    Those of you who've been here a while, know about my little patient, Elizabeth. Just thought I'd update you all. She had successful emergency open heart surgery just before Christmas. In February, she was finally weaned of the ventilator during the day. Well, as of Wednesday, she is off it at...
  12. General Chat
    That was one of my favorite sitcoms growing up. He has been missing since the 14th. ):
  13. General Chat
    that I mentioned posting on. I am SO done with it. I just don't understand why there have to be people who just want to be nasty to others. People who can't just answer a fun question, but instead have to pick the post apart and be nasty. I am so tired of people being nasty to me so I'm...
  14. Frugal Living
    There was a discussion about extreme crisis frugality posted as a sticky a few months back. Lots of real good tips in case of job loss etc. With all that's going on, and the people in extreme financial trouble, if you remember it, please bump it up!
  15. General Chat
    DS6 has them. He started getting them yesterday. He's such a trooper! He's rarely complained about itching and always asks me for more calamine lotion when he gets itchy. We gave him an Aveeno oatmeal bath that seems to really help. When I was a kid, I was in absolutely agony. My mom never put...
  16. Third Agers
    The oldest shows I remember watching are Sky King, Fury, and The Real McCoys. I am 56. It was also great growing up with all the westerns!
  17. General Chat
  18. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Growing up, we always filled the trunk of the car with mason jars filled with water and cut peonies, and took them to the graveyards on Memorial Day. We wandered around finding the graves of relatives and putting flowers on them. It was a way of keeping their memories alive. Usually the VFW...
  19. General Chat
    LOL, I guess changing my name was a bad thing!! I just wanted to give you all an update on us! It looks like we totally qualify for the emergency housing assistance and will be able to move into our own place this Wednesday or Thursday possibly. clap I'm so excited I could just blow
  20. Third Agers
    Every generation does it. We tell our children, our grandchildren and sometimes, anyone who will listen. I'll start down memory lane. Please join in and share yours. I remember when: Television was a round picture tube inside a large wooden cabinet. It had few shows, few channels and was...
1-20 of 141 Results