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  1. General Chat
    I spent last Sunday not feeling well. I did what I always do when yucky, took naps, drank tea, tried to forget about it. Sunday evening my abdomen (from under chest to lower pelvis) was aching, uncomfortable, and felt swollen. I did not have a high temperature. Pain was very general, not...
  2. Sewing
    ~I just cleaned up my machines and replaced needles today. I'm getting better about this and seem to get it done every three months now. That's a huge improvement over my former, wait-till-the-needle-breaks-and-flies-at-your-face method. :crackup: Do you need to show your machines some love? ;) ~
  3. Leisure & Media Arts
    7 pm Eastern time... Who's watching?
  4. Freebies
    Free Piece of Grilled Chicken (10/26 only)
  5. Financial hardship
    first of let me start by saying that I live in Michigan. This past week, one of my co-workers father lost his job (after 25 years) for an auto supplier and another co-workers husband got let go of his job from an RV dealership. I knew it was hitting closer to home, but what REALLY hit home was...
  6. General Chat
    Please don't forget that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure Ladies that you have had your mammogram, and if not be sure to get one. It is proven that these save life, earlier detection makes it much better. And MEN, don't forget you to are at risk! Breast Cancer isn't...
  7. Coupons
    this weekend (Labor Day Weekend / Holiday weekend )
  8. Frugal Living
    Just a thought folks...with prices as they are many of us will grow larger gardens and try to can a bit more than we might have in the past. check your supplies and go buy those canning lids and rings now if you need them. Save a Lot has them in stock now but they go fast
  9. Coupons
    Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, No mail tomorrow.....
  10. Coupons
    Gives me a chance to catch up on all my clipping and sorting :snowing:
  11. Christmas
    Yes I am a dummy.It took me forerver to get the garland around the front door today Thank goodness it was warm out, Well when I plugged it in, half of the lights were out. So please you all remember to check that lights work BEFORE you decorate. I always check first, but got distracted by a...
  12. Coupons
    A Holiday here. Veterans Day. Post office is closed.
  13. General Chat
    I know recently we've had threads about the critters that have taken up residence in our houses, from possum to groundhog to squirrels, and although we did laugh about them we need to be CAREFUL! It seems rabies is more common this year and showing up in many different critters, even a ground...
  14. General Chat
    Hi everyone - just wanted to send a friendly reminder to y'all to empty out those INBOXES .... I was trying to send some emails through the site but a few people have 'exceeded their mailbox quota'. Have a great day everyone! :wave:
  15. Health and beauty
    I get e-mails from FlyLady and every month she has a reminder to "Check The Girls". I think this is a habit we should all get into. Here is a link to the Susan B. Komen site where there is a video about breast self-examination. The guys should also "Check the Boys" every month, too...
  16. Health and beauty
    Don't forget to check your medicine cabinets for expired medicines and perscriptions. I was cleaning out my cabinet and found several different over-the-counter medications that expired in 2006! Into the garbage they go! Also don't forget to check your creams and makeup. Anything over a year...
  17. Freebies
    Get your coke points entered before midnight tonight and they'll be doubled! I only just remembered to do mine and got 160 points instead of 80.
  18. Health and beauty
    I did last year just b/c Gripey had one. His turned out ok (had a couple of polyps removed, small, came back fine) but mine on the other hand showed the beginning stages of cancer in 2 of the 3 large polyps removed. It's a gross subject but really we need to be vigilant about having this test...
1-18 of 49 Results