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  1. Frugal Living
    I wanted to share my recent find, and give a little backstory into my particular issue and maybe somebody else can recommend other alternatives to my plan. As a father of 2 trying to get work done at the home, remotely from my job, can be somewhat of a task due to noise constraints and other...
  2. Computers
    CloudDrive Cloud Drive: simple free online storage tool Windows CloudDrive is a free client software for Adobe Acrobat Online Storage Service, which offers 5GB free online storage for each account. So, when you use CloudDrive, all your files are stored in Adobe Acrobat Online Storage Service...
  3. Home Environment
    Does anyone have any recommendations for the best way to clean dust, dustbunnies, cat hair, etc, from hard to reach areas like behind bookshelves, under appliances, radiators, etc.? Often these areas also have a few cables and cords running along them as well. Of course, I move the items out of...
  4. General Chat
    On another of my forums there was a discussion on couples fighting over the remote control! My simple reply to is a week or so ago was this, " I don't have this problem as I rarely watch TV and feel it a waist of brain cells!!" So last night I got to laughing at myself, as I was waiting for my...
  5. Hobbies
    hi everyone, this is a thread dedicated to those of us that addicted to anything remote controlled related. planes,cars,boats anything ! any tips that can help us enjoy our hobby a little more frugally. because many years of spending thousands of hard earned dollors has left me"indebt4life"...
  6. General Chat
    DH must have watched TV in bed this morning. I just watched our sheets and the first thing out of the washing machine was the remote control. :eek:   LOL!! It's very clean. :)
  7. Computers
    Can anyone give me advice on PCAnywhere or I'm wanting to purchase on of these type programs in the future and would love to hear some reviews on these programs. Thanks!
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    Now if they can make it where when Gabe grabs it out of my hand and a trap door opens up and he falls into it....I'm a buyer. I wonder if it can make programming my vcr any easier. I have never understood how to do that. LOL Now here's a real surprise. LOL It's not yet available here in the...
1-8 of 8 Results