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  1. General Chat
    I'm new and have a few re-purpose ideas I would like to share. I posted in the welcome section about a thin belt my wife and I turned into a watch band. I can post pictures if anyone is interested. Next idea is a use for the bread bag twist ties and clips. Use them for organizing headphone...
  2. General Chat
    Hi, everyone! I have a 1-gallon small-mouth (approx. 1.5" in diameter) glass jug that our apple juice came in and I want to re-use/re-purpose it if I can. I saw an FV thread from 2008 on glass jugs, but all those posts were about wide-mouth jars/jugs. Any ideas you can give me would be great...
  3. Blog
    Since I have started back to school, I have decided to update my wardrobe. I stopped by a local church and they were having a clothes give-away. I cleaned up(I also donate back to this church and several organization with the clothes, purse, shoes, that I do not wear any more). 6 blouses, 4...
  4. Home Environment
    Anyone have any ideas? It needs to provide practical storage, if possible, not be merely decorative. When I was little, my mom was the carpenter in our family. A lot of our gifts were handmade because my family didn't have much money. One thing I received for Christmas when I was five or six...
  5. General Chat
    If not, maybe we can get one? I have several items that are no longer useful as intended and I'm sure they can be used differently but I am coming up empty. Thought if we had a place we can post many here will have a great creative solution. :tay:
  6. General Chat
    this came from a better homes and gardens email that i just recieved. i thought there were many INEXPENSIVE ideas that were great!!! ok, a few silly ones also. check it out!!
  7. Green Living
    ~I just ran across a site called Junk Market Style and it is loaded with unique project ideas and pictures from members of their own trash to treasure items. I'm having fun browsing and being inspired in the Member Junk section. :sun:
  8. Just Tips
    I saw this for sale while surfing and thought hey I can make that with a spare canvas bag. (item that holds 300 ounce laundry detergent)
1-8 of 8 Results