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    I had yet another talk with DD this morning on the way to school about how she can be whatever she wants to be when she 'grows-up'. DD is 8 and fascinated with the buzz surrounding the election and has told me on several occasions that she wants to be President someday. That's when my...
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    From the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs.
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    This article contains meal pattern tables for breakfast and lunch for children aged 1 year through to teens in grade 12
  4. Education House Bill 158: Homeschool Student Testing Requirements Sponsor: Representative Mary Helen Garcia Summary: This bill would require homeschoolers to take the state's academic assessment program and also require homeschoolers...
  5. Web Design Tutorial
    1. You need to be a contributing member to the community. This is not much, only 25$ for the whole year. This contribution will enable you to have access to all the forums and sections on and also it will give you 20MB of space on our webserver. Hosting alone cost around...
  6. Web Design Tutorial
    We will use this software: (It's free it has built in ftp and web editing tools) TSW WebCoder 4.0 Download it here Once everyone has downloaded it. Please install it and choose the default windows look. (don't use office xp or windows...