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  1. Pets
    Some of you may know, I took in six cockatiels on Sunday. The were seized by the local animal control and I was asked to foster them until homes could be found. They are in pretty ratty condition, but appear healthy and active otherwise. Well, I have a potential adopter coming in tomorrow to...
  2. Pets
    My DH and I were out fishing and I heard an noise on the river bank so we went over to the edge and we found a kitten. Where we found it there is no road atleast a mile away, no camps, or houses, it was all woods. Somebody must have dropped it off and it made its way to the water. The poor...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    As many know I rescued a chick we call Gizmo(Miss) and we have had her in a brooder. She is 6 weeks old. When it is time to take her out of the brooder how do we introduce her to the flock safely. I stay awake at night wondering how to do this so the other chickens will not harm her. Any advice.
  4. Coupons
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  5. Coupons
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  6. Pets
    here is katawna, now 4 moths old
  7. Pets
    here is a picture of the mare we rescued the day we got her, look how skinny she is
  8. Pets
    just wanted to share that my mare is doing great! she has gained around 150 pounds, the vet says she is still about 100 pounds under weight but we are working on it! the baby is doing great and growing. my mare has arthrities, but we are treating it, she had her teeth done last week, and her...
  9. Pets
    just got off th phone with my friends who helped rescue the horses. they nailed the lady on 19 counts of felony animal abuse!:laugh: however they had to put at least 4 of the horses down and not sure how many more . the yearling who was pg by her daddy was one that had to be put down the...
  10. Pets
    well for my birthday, my 2 friends got me a horse.i had her 7 years ago and sold her, but have been wanting another one for awhile. anyway, we went out to get her and she was in terrible shape, 250 pounds under weight, no foot care, pregnant again( they just took a 4 month old filly off her last...
1-10 of 10 Results