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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    After long, HOT, MUGGY hours of building, and you can see it's not quite done, here is the coop and a few "residents". The wife got 30 FREE chickens from her boss's wife. She is a school teacher and her students hatch out an egg each as a class project. At least THEY were free. LOL
  2. Canadian Pals
    Hey all! DH and I have been talking about retirement lately and he told me about Oliver, BC. He said that he spent time there before we met and it was the most beautiful place he'd ever seen. He went on to talk about being able to walk through and pick fruit from people's orchards and fruit...
  3. Freebies
  4. Freebies Free snails are available to anyone who can pick them up from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Certain species can be mailed out of Massachusetts.
  5. Freebies
  6. Freebies
    (Cross-posted in Mid-West Pals) Just fill out name/addy. I got a very nice backpack from them last year with a similar offer and have not been sent any other mailings. Wish this was available to everyone, but right now its only Minnesota.
  7. Midwest Pals
    A free Grocery Tote from Fairview Clinics just for going to this site: I got a very nice backpack from them last year on a similar offer and didn't get spammed w/ a ton of mailings afterwards. So it is legit.
  8. Freebies
    For anyone who lives in New England. Mailed coupon for a free quart of Elan frozen yogurt
  9. Freebies Free ept Pregnancy Test: To get your free ept Pregnancy Test you must live in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can request your free test by phone or by using this website. By phone: Call 1-888-252-1822 10am - 6pm...
  10. Freebies
    On Mondays, the Zoo (not including The RainForest) is FREE for residents of Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township.* From Memorial Day through Labor Day, if Monday is a holiday, discounts apply on Tuesday instead. If you qualify for free Zoo-only admission on Mondays, tickets for The RainForest...
  11. Freebies *New York State Immunization Record Card *Check-It-Out Coloring Book *College MMR Bookmark *Immunization Record Card & Signature Card INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING PAMPHLETS, FLYERS, RECORD CARDS, AND POSTERS Up to 200 copies are...
  12. Freebies,1607,7-123-1586_1710-136327--,00.html 'BOOSTER BUGS' Teach Children the Best Way To Buckle Up. - Ants, beetles and crickets are the stars of a new traffic safety campaign aimed at preschoolers and elementary-age children, encouraging them to ride in booster seats...
  13. Freebies Free Warm Homes Publications: Select from the list of free publications offered below to discover ways of saving energy and money around your home this winter. To order, complete the customer information, select the publications you're interested in and...
  14. Freebies In an effort to better serve the needs of our clients, American Home Entertainment, Inc., requests your assistance by taking a moment to answer the following list of questions. The information you provide will be strictly confidential and will be used solely for...
  15. Freebies
    Even though Denver residents scooped up huge amounts of mulch at the Treecycle Mulch Giveaway this past weekend, there is still more mulch for the taking. Denver residents looking for FREE mulch can collect it from...
  16. Freebies
    Farmington Hills Police Department is offering FREE HELMETS to any Farmington Hills, MI child under the age of 16. Helmets can be picked up at the Police station Command Desk on Eleven Mile 1 block west of Orchard Lake Rd. Starting MAY 21, 2007. Childern must be with their parent or guardian...
  17. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I heard about this on the radio and looked it up for you all, hope it can help someone get insurance coverage for their children. Go here for more information:
  18. Vacations and Travel
    where would you want to go? We know where some people would go in Canada so how about the US?
1-20 of 29 Results