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  1. General Chat
    We are a little over 6 weeks into the New Year. Some of us made resolutions, others know better. For those of you that did. How are you doing now? Have you kept them or abandoned them already.... ~ I seem to have lost my exercise resolution but I did join the lose 1lb a week challenge so I...
  2. General Chat
    Things I plan to get involved in this year ~:usasmile: ~ My annual garage sale ~ Sale of homemade goodies at the local Saturday Farmers Market ~ Getting my housesitting/petsitting business officially up and running ~ A GREAT garden this year (unlike last years total FLOP) ~ Plenty of trips -...
  3. General Chat
    Most people have at least one New Year Resolution they hope to accomplish in the coming year. For some it's lose weight, for some it's financial, stop smoking, learn new dishes, school, pay off XX on debt etc. How many of us have Resolutions for 2012? List any and all you hope to accomplish...
  4. General Chat
    I've been mia for a while, but have been thinking of everyone here. It's December 1 and I'm trying to get a plan in order to do better "frugally"...what are YOU resolving to be more frugal about in 2012?
  5. General Chat
    So for my new year resolution I want to get back on my blog and make it more efficient and maybe make some money from it. It's mainly just to keep me in check with my financial/frugal/green lifestyle. But I could use some feedback. Anyone who has a functioning blog, please check mine out and...
  6. General Chat
    Anyone make a resolution this year? My resolution is to lose physical and financial more excuses! I believe the financial weight loss will be most benificial to my health...The stress and anxiety I get over $$ is pathetic... Although,I did make a few some great strides this...
  7. New Year
    I decided a while ago they don't really work so I don't make them. To me it's just one of those things that makes you feel badly when you don't quite rise to the occasion and follow through with whatever it is. I just try my best and if I don't like whatever about myself or something tomorrow is...
  8. General Chat
    Resolutions are meant to be broken, so I've decided to make a couple of things my main objectives of 2010. 1. Stop buying so much sugar! I bake a lot and sugar sure does taste good. Last year I read that every U.S. citizen eats a lot of sugar a year. I didn't remember exactly how much, but at...
  9. Blog
    We’re heading toward the time of year when thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re making some specific financial resolutions: To get out of debt, save for a home, increase your retirement savings, or cut your grocery spending. Those are great ideas, but even if your resolutions...
  10. Goals and Dreams
    1. Eat sensibly and drink 64 oz of water. 2. Do my push-ups. 3. Train Crash (lab puppy).
  11. Goals and Dreams
    I want to give more then I take this year. Be a better person! I need to learn to coupon Get out of Debt and start tracking it better. Do you have any you would like to post? Happy New year to all, Candy
  12. Goals and Dreams
    Of course we have several threads already about financial goals for 2009 but my financial house is in order, thanks in large part to FV. :) So a few goals not related to finances.... 1) Love more freely. 2) Let my guard down, even if it means exposing myself to potential heartache. 3) Forgive...
  13. New Year
    And if so, do you make it official and write them down? Do you usually keep your resolutions or do you make the same ones every year? I set goals for myself for the new year but don't call them resolutions....same thing with less pressure maybe? lol
  14. Frugal Living
    I'm having trouble finding our resolutions from last year. Can someone post a link to them? How about 2007, 2006? I'd like to remind myself of what my goals were and how did I do.
  15. Frugal Living
    Just wondering what everyone's specific goals to improve their finances this year are. I started out with the resolution that I'd "be more frugal" but that quickly evolved into two specific points I need to work on: -stop throwing food away! I waste a lot of leftovers, and my husband even...
  16. Homesteading and gardening
    Even though I have a small place. I would like to hear everyones resolutions for the year. Everyone can dream of when they get the bigger place. I am just adding on planting fruit and berries and researching on chickens , ducks,and bunnies for when I get my new retirement place in a couple of...
  17. Goals and Dreams
    Have we already discussed this? :lol: Well if we did, I missed it;) I only have a few and I think they're pretty realistic. 1.Organize my home (I keep a 'decent' but not spotless house but my closets, cabinets, drawers, storage shed and attic all need to be cleared out and organized) 2.Lose...
  18. Frugal Living
    It's almost 2007, what are your New Year's Resolutions? p.s. Can anyone find the link to last year's New Year's resolutions?
  19. Green Living
  20. Home Environment
1-20 of 35 Results