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  1. Hobbies
    Yesterday was a crafting day for me. I made several projects, but wanted to share three of them. These are cards. My favorite one is the quilted one, but I also like the teacup one. All of them were easy to make, but very complicated. It took forever to piece the quilt card. The doily on...
  2. Health challenges
    Some of you might remember that I posted about having to get a PET scan last week because my cancer marker numbers went up. Well after not hearing from them, I finally worked up the courage, and called myself. :ponder: And so finally today (friday), I heard back from the nurse. My...
  3. Frugal Living
    Here are the frugal things I feel good about in the past few days: -planted rosemary and basil on the balcony, and they are growing nicely! -selling books today for extra debt repayment -have not spent any grocery money since Thursday, and don't anticipate any spending in that area (except for...
  4. Meal planning
    I decided that the time had come to see what I was made of... so to speak... and see what creative, healthy and frugal meals I could make. I planned a weekly menu and shopped accordingly. I had a decent stockpile to begin with which had plenty of veggies, rices and spices. Total spent on...
  5. Health and beauty
    I had a CT sinus scan, but my appointment isn't for ages, so I'm wondering if anyone could interpret the results for me...I have the radiologist written report, but it's all greek to me!
  6. General Chat
    It's negative (normal)!!!!! :cheergrl: I have never been so scared out of my wits and ecstatic all in the same day . . . thank you so much for all the prayers, positive thoughts, hugs, and words of encouragement. You can't realize how much it meant to me. She has had two more seizures since...
  7. Support
    Well, dd had her EEG today at 10 A.M. and we returned to the doctor's office to get the results at 1 P.M.; the doc said her EEG looked normal . . . so no absence seizures . . . however, before we left the office, she had another seizure while the doctor was examining her. So she has now been...
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Church 526/526=0 Mortgage 404/404=0 Electricity 174/179.63=5.63 Water 56/0=56 (we had a credit)(6mo adv, lots of leaks) Gas 26/15.97=10.03 Phone 76/76 Cable 89.60/89.04=0.56 (DH wants this) Trash 15.50/15.50=0 Grocery 400/554.30=154.30 Car Payment 243/242.54=0.46 Car Gas...
  9. General Chat
    I got an appt today at 3:45 for the results of a sonogram that they took of my swollen leg on Monday. They said it's probably a blood clot, but my regular MD hinted that it might be cancer because of the uterine cancer I had in 07. He said that since it was in the pelvic area and blood flows...
  10. General Chat
    Well my MRICP came back with all my ducts open and clear. So we are back at square one.Great thing is no pancreas duct surgery. Still have the bladder and kidney issues. So they will be taking me off all meds. They think my pancreatic problems are medicine induced.
  11. Pets
    My Little Girl has inflammatory bowel disease and lymphoma of the intestines. She goes tomorrow for a shot of steroids. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
  12. Pets
    Thank you three people who replied to my last post. Yesterday the vet called me after the stomach and colon endoscopy and said there were many, many growths both in her stomach and colon. These have been aspirated and sent off to pathology. I won't get the results until Wednesday at the latest...
  13. News you can use
    Bloated array of ETFs results in liquidations Exchange-traded funds have proven to be very popular, but their popularity has led to the market being swamped with them. Now some investors are finding their funds are closing.
  14. Health and beauty
    My ths is at an elevated level. Of course, the nurse didn't tell me what is meant or anything only that she was referring me to the doc down the hall (my ob-gyn nurse practitioner had ordered the tests). So, of course I went online and this is usually indicative of hypothyroidism. My mom has it...
  15. General Chat I read this and I was wondering why the mother got 30 years... She should have the same sentence as the father?
  16. General Chat
    Picked up at the new co-op for the first time. We each put in 15$ and here's what I came home with: 6 lbs. bananas 4.5 lbs. peaches 3.5 lbs. broccoli 7 lbs. sweet potatoes 2 pineapples 1 watermelon Everything was extremely fresh. I think it will be worth it to continue. This was my first...
  17. News you can use
    Cash sweep accounts study results Bankrate surveyed the top brokerages to determine how much interest they pay on money invested in a cash sweep account.
  18. Green Living
  19. Health and beauty
    DD had bloodwork to determine whether or not she has an egg allergy. The test came back that she is "sensitive" but not "allergic". Meanwhile, after 3 doses of Benadryl and a week with no egg whatsoever in her diet, the skin rash and eczema is comletely gone. Alll that remains is a few scabs...
1-19 of 55 Results