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  1. Third Agers
    It's actually amazing what you can live on when you retire (if you have no debts). What do you think you'll need to live comfortably?
  2. Third Agers
    This may sound like a crazy question, however I know many people who won't be. How about you?
  3. Third Agers
    In today's economy you will be able to retire has planned, especially if the economy stays this way for a long time.
  4. Third Agers
    Whether you are retired or not, the times we live in are making us all readjust our lifestyles. You may have planned to take early retirement and now you wonder. Or you may be younger and wondering if you can EVER retire!! Do you think people in America will ever be able to retire the way the...
  5. News you can use
    Can you still afford to retire? The economic downturn has thrown an extra problem at older Baby Boomers who had planned to retire over the next few years: They ...
  6. News you can use
    8 ways to ruin your chances to retire Retiring is not mandatory. You can stay shackled to a job until your last gasp if you follow these steps.
  7. News you can use
    How to retire on $12,000 a year An old but often-overlooked strategy can dramatically cut what retirees spend on food, shelter and transportation. (And there could be social benefits in the bargain.)
  8. News you can use
    Can you retire by 55? There are many factors that will help you determine whether you'll be able to retire early. Here's how to figure it out.
  9. News you can use
    What if you retire in a bad economy? For many who have just quit working or will soon, concerns over their nest eggs run deep. Planners say retirees must weigh their options, but it's not time to panic.
  10. News you can use
    7 recession-proof places to retire Sunny local economies make these spots worth a serious look. They're likely to weather a national downturn well, and they have plenty else to offer new residents.
  11. Freebies
    Sample Where to Retire FREE! There is absolutely no risk and no obligation to buy. Simply complete the short form and submit. Limit one FREE issue per customer. If you like Where to Retire, use the subscription card in your FREE issue to subscribe. Either way, the FREE issue is yours to keep...
  12. Dave Ramsey
    Want to buy a NEW car. Watch this first before you make any decisions!
  13. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I have given this a lot of thought and even though I would love to retire when I am in my 60s I know that realisticly I will have to wait until age 70. I admire those who have through careful planning and budgeting are able to retire early. What age will you retire at?
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Hi, My dh will be eligible to retire with 35 years in at 58 yrs young. He has expressed he wants to retire if possible financially @ 58 and I would LOVE to make this happen for him. We have his retirement set up in stocks/bonds which is what is offered through his employer. Dh has a job that...
  15. Debt Reduction & Money Management
  16. Frugal Living
    My last day of work is this Thursday (March 23)! I will bring in $850 less per month. Hopefully, I can make that up by more homecooking, hanging laundry, making gifts, etc. I contacted my auto insurance company and I'm getting a reduction on car insurance since one of the vehicles will now be...
  17. Frugal Living
    Retirement calculator to figure approx. income
  18. Third Agers
    I recently retired after working 25 years at my job. So far I am enjoying my new and different life. Anyone else retired or getting ready to? Would love to compare notes, etc. :smball: Right I am floating with joy. Not sure if I will still feel that way in 3 or 4 years :( How do you all feel?
  19. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Just 59 more working days. ;) I'll be drawing half my salary so that will be a challenge. I'll have the cc paid off so our only debt is DH's car. What will be most difficult it continuing to pay cash for DS's college tuition and expenses. He has two years left. If I need to I can start a...
  20. Home and Family
    Five Ways to Make Sure You’ll Never Retire Author of Nobody’s Fool: A Skeptics Guide to Prosperity I recently attended a retirement party for a close friend. It was inspiring to listen to the speeches lauding him for forty-three years of diligent service, interspersed with accolades for...
1-20 of 24 Results