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  1. Hobbies
    Anyone interested in joining in on an all-hobby VIRTUAL retreat weekend can join in here! In a virtual retreat, those of us here at the Village who want to dedicate time to planning, doing, and showing off (pics, please :) but not required!) our craft projects will post here for inspiration...
  2. Hobbies
    Wednesday Jan 11 to Sunday Jan 15 - hopefully these dates will allow for those who have a busy or work-filled weekend. In case anyone is interested in joining in on a virtual hobby retreat to get some things started, make progress on UFOs, or even get some things finished, I thought I'd put...
  3. Hobbies
    I missed the last one in November but have been anxiously awaiting another opportunity :D Hope I'm not out of line in starting a thread... Anyone interested in joining me for a virtual retreat this weekend? What do you want to work on? What's your retreat plan?
  4. Hobbies
    What are we working on this weekend? I had plans.... but have lost my glasses and without them I can't see well enough to do craft work. Hopefully they show up before my weekend is over. Meanwhile the sewing room has gotten really organized...
  5. Hobbies
    ~Have you ever been on a retreat? It's amazing how getting away from all your usual routines and distractions allows you enjoy the one thing your retreat is about. It's been requested that we bring back the crafters' retreat weekends here on FV. I'm excited to see if there is interest in this...
  6. Leisure challenges
    I've taken a look at past posts from previous years and saw that a virtual crafting weekend retreat was held and was quite popular at the time. Would anyone be interested in one this month or in December? It's where we choose a weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) to craft at home and post online...
  7. Support
    I just found a women's retreat that looks perfect for me. its an active retreat in Stowe VT. its hiking, running, biking, swimming, yoga and meditation. I have been wanting to do something like this for years. however, its $1,695. Its scheduled for mid September and this does include...
  8. Leisure challenges
    Sew, Quilt, knit, crochet, whatever you like to do. Join your FV friends all over the internet the first weekend of each month. It'll kick off your sewing for the month or allow you to finish up last month's ufos! Starts on Friday the first weekend of the month and runs through that Sunday...
  9. Leisure challenges
    Would anyone like to join me (virtually) on a retreat day once a month? We could set aside a day or some me time to be working on a project and check in with each other on the computer to encourage, laugh and finish something. And of course post frequent pictures for FF. I've done this with...
  10. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    I just got home a few hours ago. Hubby watched all three kiddos so I could go. It was with a CM gal around here. We were at a retreat center. It started at 5 on Fri and went till 6 on Sat. Meals were provided as well as snacks and goodie bags. I stayed up till 1:30 and then was back at it...
  11. News you can use
    Stocks retreat after oil surge rekindles inflation fears Stocks' gains evaporated Tuesday as oil prices closed above $100 for the first time and stoked fears that inflation will stymie ... </img>
  12. General Chat
    Well, Philip and I are off for a weekend retreat. I'm sure there'll be hundreds of posts to catch up on when I get back tomorrow afternoon. ;)
  13. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    If so, was it all you thought it would be?
1-13 of 13 Results