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  1. General Chat
    Synthetic sugar substitute strikes again. Read the reviews of this 5 pound bag of gummies and enjoy :choco: Haribo Gummy Candy, Sugarless Gummy Bears, 5-Pound Bag: Grocery & Gourmet Food
  2. Automotive
    SmartPower Technologies WildCat SmartPower Technologies Thank you.
  3. Health and beauty
    Thought this may help motivate those that own a gaming console to move a lil more or and to raise awareness that these games exist. There are only a few games reviewed at the link below however feel free to recommend other games with reviews. But be sure to tell us why they are or aren't worthy...
  4. Pregnancy
    I feel like I'm the only one who ever posts in this forum, but oh well -- 15 days til due date! Okay, so I need some opinions on the cloth diapers. Once baby comes along, we intend to go with disposables til we know what size we're going to be needing. Then we're planning to switch to cloth...
  5. Home Environment
    We plan on replacing the sink when we replace the countertop. We're looking for a good undermount sink, but we're uncertain of what kind we want. DH wants anthracite because we're getting a engineered stone countertop. I want a double bowl, deep undermount sink. I've been looking at...
  6. Appliances
    Anyone here own a steam mop?? if so i am looking for reviews and recommendations!
  7. Laundry
    Anyone tried these yet? I'm curious to see how these work vs the sheets, for those of you who use them.
  8. Question and Answer
    tell me about them if you do or have in the past please? Thanks. Judi
  9. Camping, RV's, Trailers, Outdoor Living
    I just wanted to pass along this site: Add your personal review after you stay somewhere so we know if it's worth going to :D
  10. General Chat
    Everyone has bought something that is either great or such a waste of money... Share your reviews, good or bad.
  11. Blog - Click Here provides online coupons, coupon codes, website reviews, etc. free to our customers.
  12. Blog - Click Here DealCatcher is an online community that helps shoppers save money and make educated purchases. On the site you will find online coupons, products, sales, reviews, and rebates.
  13. Frugal Living
    I just baked the new Duncan Hines Decandent Carrot Cake this morning and I am very disappointed. First of all, I have only made homemade carrot cake in the past, but decided to give this a try. I am a fan of Duncan Hines cake mixes, but not the Decadent Carrot Cake. First of all, you must take...
  14. Leisure & Media Arts
    Okay, dh and I have decided to treat ourselves to renting a movie from FIOS tonight. I'm in the mood for something scary or action filled, so here's what we've narrowed it down to: Shutter The Orphanage Vantage Point Untraceable One Missed Call Anyone see any of these or have any input? We...
  15. Frugal Living
    I have some coupons for the Ragu in a pouch and it is on sale this week at Publix, so I was looking for some reviews. Thank you!
  16. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Hi all, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this or if any of you write there, however epinions is currently having a promotion (i think it ends at the end of the month) where they will give you ten dollars for every ten reviews you write up to one hundred dollars. I wanted to do it but I...
  17. Freebies Can't hurt to try!
  18. Leisure & Media Arts
1-19 of 26 Results