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  1. Freebies
    Free Points that turn into Gift Cards--Start now and then use the gift cards for you holiday gifts next Christmas!! I earned a $100+ last year and plan to be do it more habitually this year. InstantBucks SwagBucks Bing Rewards I hope this with Giveaway's and Sweepstakes I will have a FREE...
  2. Blog
    I am a true believer in rewards cards, surveys and trying to save every dime I can. My new adventure is with Walgreens Balance Rewards Card. Here is the deal. You sign up either in the store or online. Once you have your account, you check to see what items are listed with point value...
  3. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    If you have a Walgreen's card you have until Jan 31 to redeem any points on it. They are discontinuing the program. I didn't shop there often enough to care, but out of curiousity I tried to log in to the website to check my balance. When I could not I called their 800 line. I was on hold a...
  4. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    I'm working on my pricebook and trying to get more mileage out of my coupons and re-double my efforts including using Register Rewards to my advantage. Does everyone find this takes a lot of time and effort to get going and maintain because of the need to check sales flyers, keep up with...
  5. General Chat
    i am proud that i did one thing right. it was in the 80's....i think. my mother was one of those coupon queens waay before it became so fashionable. she cut coupons and did a ton of rebates. she had 5 kids and she cut all those coupons so that she could pass them onto us. it was her way...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Hi everyone! I did a search on the forums and couldn't really find what I was looking for- so I thought I'd pose this question. I recently moved to the midwest from California for graduate school. I got an offer in the mail for the Southwest Rapids Rewards Chase credit card. At the very...
  7. Question and Answer
    My oldest son brought home his report card (well mid term report). He did well. Sometimes we give them a small gift and we've taken them to the movies or they can have a meal or activity of choice. Just a mini celebration where mom gets to do the report card dance and be silly (but happy...
  8. Dave Ramsey
    Yesterday, I received mail from my bank. My new mastercard! I am childishly excited about that because that means I'll receive my new Visa card soon as well (got the double card thingy from them)! The reason I'm so excited is that I have - against Dave's counsel - not cut up my credit cards...
  9. Freebies
    Hi. I'm trying to help out those in the My Coke Rewards community, so I made a site where people who have unused codes can easily post them, and others can get free coke codes. The site's called (you'll have to type it manually, since I cant post URLs) If you use a code...
  10. Frugal Living
    Just to put everyone at rest: 1) I always pay off in full every month 2) I try to be VERY mindful that people often spend more even when they pay the card off each month. Nonetheless, there are things that I purchase with credit cards, particularly things that are hard to buy otherwise (ex...
  11. Freebies
    FPSNN83JX9 25 points I wonder if we couldn't get a sticky for these points and then I could just add them instead of starting a new thread? Disney Movie Rewards
  12. Freebies
    Use code 329vndj831
  13. Freebies
    Enter Code word CELEBRATE for 50 points on Disney rewards
  14. Freebies
  15. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    How do Register Rewards work at Walgreens? Do I need to sign up for things to make sure I get my rewards? I think there are probably a bunch of deals I'm eligible for but just don't know how to take advantage of. Thanks!
  16. General Chat
    Hi All- Although I'm still new to this virtual social experience, I have been in awe of the numerous accomplishments and milestones that so many of you have reached! I know it takes great discipline and determination to stay on course and then deliver results. What an inspiration this site...
  17. For Sale or Trade
    I have three bottle tops that I brought home from the States with me. If anyone collects these contact me and I'll send you the numbers.
  18. Frugal Living
    Last year we signed up for the Costco American Express credit card. I know that's a no-no for some folks... but we knew we could handle it properly. Yesterday we got our "reward" check! $125.00 !!! We paid our bill in full every month, they got NO interest from us, and now we get paid back...
1-19 of 57 Results