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  1. Freebies justJENN designs is a line of gift products that includes personalized stationery, custom notepads, greeting cards and more! Unique gifts for your friends...and yourself! Who doesn't love a cupcake...
  2. Freebies Quietly show you have been touched by breast cancer by wearing a pink ribbon pin or pink awareness bracelet. This small gesture often invites others that may be in need to talk or it silently lets them know they are not...
  3. Freebies The "Suicide Awareness" ribbon uses the Golden Gate Bridge's special orange, because it's the #1 suicide spot in the entire world. It was suggested by a mother that lost her teenaged son when he jumped in 2005. For a ribbon, send a self-addressed stamped...
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    WE MAIL SWATCHES OF OUR MOST POPULAR RIBBONS. Because we realize how important it is that the ribbon you order is the exact color you need, we take orders for ribbon samples. You may email or call us toll-free at 877-742-5142 to request color swatches of specific ribbons. Note, for our most...
  5. Freebies We know how hard it is to choose ribbon from a picture, so to make selection easier, we send out our ribbon samples upon request at no charge if shipped within the USA. (Shipping charges apply for samples shipped outside the USA.) We have listed below...
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    WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH Please send an email message to: [email protected] for information about how to get a free Hokie ribbon to show your support for Virginia Tech. Maroon and Orange forever!
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    Hope this isn't a repeat. . .
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    Thought someone might like to see this from the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln Nebraska. It's made of ribbons won showing chickens at the fair.
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    DD #1 entered the coloring contest at the local fair. She got first place for her grade from her school.
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    Ribbon Angel Ornament Imagine a tree filled with these angels and big gold shiny bows! Parental supervision is recommended. This project is rated AVERAGE to do. What You Need * 1" Wide gold ribbon * 5/8" Wide Medium gold ribbon * 3/8" Wide Narrow gold ribbon * 9" Gold cord...
1-20 of 38 Results