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  1. General Chat
    We lost one good interview talent. Even though he hadn't been very active the last few years, he will still be missed. Gees...........didn't know he was 93!!! :thud: Course, until I read one of several articles,......didn't know he had been "on Broadway" either.........surprise. RIP!!!
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
  3. Success Stories
    Okay, I quietly snuffed out my 1st credit card a few months ago but I think I want to have a wake for my Sallie Mae student loans. May they RIP. I am so glad I didn't let my brother convince me to go back to school for an LPN or RN. Sallie Mae is staying dead.
  4. General Chat
    I get so irked when a company tries to pull a fast one with their advertising. Here's the latest that happened to us: We went to Subway because they were advertising their turkey bacon with avocado special. Sounded good. On the poster at Subway, it also advertised the steak and egg with...
  5. Pets
    our family pet bunny Mr Flopsy died this AM ( or late last night ) he was an indoor bunny - had a nice sized open top "pen" in our enclosed and heated front porch - seemed fine yesterday but this AM he didnt come out of his little bedding box when i walked onto the porch and i had a...
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    His acting was so funny. Sad and I didn't realize he was 84. Leslie Nielsen dies at age 84 - 11/28/2010 6:51 PM | Entertainment News from
  7. Pets
    Today, my 2 year old male kitty passed away. We can home from vaca, and he was not moving, eating or drinking and I knew he was sick. We have no money so could not get him to the vet that night, but in the morning we found a vet who said they will do payment arrangements. We took him there this...
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    So sad to see another Golden Girl pass. :( 'Golden Girl' Rue McClanahan Dies - Yahoo! TV Blog
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    I grew up watching Diff'rent Strokes. Very sad. RIP Gary Coleman's Comedy Legacy - Yahoo! TV Blog
  10. General Chat
    I just called my car insurance company right after I bought the house and I switched to a homeowner which saved money. Then I switched to paperless option which saved more money. Now I am up for renewal in June. They RAISED my rates to MORE than it was before changing to homeowner and...
  11. Leisure & Media Arts
    So sad...It's hard to say goodbye to celebrities that I basically grew up with. Too young...
  12. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I know a young man about 20 who opened up an account with them. Couldn't talk him out of it. Still can't get him to cancel it. Within 6 weeks they had him overdrawn by almost $100. Charged him $105 in overdraft fees. Showed me his account online. I printed it out and told him to go to the local...
  13. Home Environment
    I lost my recliner last night. It finally wore out and refused to recline. It was only twenty-one years old. My wife had it before we met. I don't ask for much. All I have that I call my own in the house is my chair, end table and lamp. Everything else is my wife's domain. I loved that...
  14. Leisure & Media Arts
    Aaah, another Golden Girl. :weeping:
  15. Pets
    Today our dalmatian died. We had gotten her 12 years ago, when she was a year old, from the Humane Society. She was such a sweet girl. I'm really going to miss her.
  16. Leisure & Media Arts
    Quoted from Yahoo Bio: An iconic figure in Hollywood history, Paul Newman was an Academy Award-winning actor, director, and noted philanthropist who helped define the male lead in motion pictures from the mid-1950s through the 21st century. A background in Method acting helped to deliver his...
  17. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    This is taken from yesterday's Dave Ramsey show... Caller calls in, has been paying on a 100k Whole Life policy for 3 years, at $60/month ($720/yr). The cash value of this wonderful savings program is now up to a whopping $400. So after 3 years, and $2,160 spent, she's got a savings of a...
  18. Home Environment
    I have a Condo in Indiana that I'm trying to fix up to rent. The property manager set me up with a contractor to do some repairs. The repairs entailed: 1. Three doors that didn't close properly (requiring some tweaking). One door supposedly required 2 new spring hinges (contractor bought them)...
  19. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    As you can see in my siggy, our cell phone contract is up in May. Well I called Alltel, to see about getting it cancelled, they said that my contract is up May 13th, but even if I cancel my account then, I will still be charged until June 2nd, regardless if I use the minutes or not. That stinks...
1-19 of 19 Results