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  1. Question and Answer
    I'm planning Valentines Day and I'd like your input on the best romantic movie. Give me some ideas. Chick flicks welcome as well as "romantic" guy movies. Thanks
  2. Christmas
    I want to get something romantic for dh for Christmas and he's very difficult to buy for. Can anyone think of any romantic things to get? I am fresh out of ideas and time is running out! Help!
  3. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    Romantic dinners at fancy restaurants are nice, but romantic dinners at home are less likely to bust the budget. Is this an area where you've cut back and are enjoying more romantic dinners at home instead? What foods do you prepare? Do you decorate the table or the room in a special way...
  4. General Chat
    My husband is officially the most romantic person I know. We have been trying to be extra frugal lately and he suprised me with the most romantic frugal date this evening. We have a DVD player in our car (which usually is on a continual Spongebob/Thomas the Tank Engine Loop), so unknown to me...
  5. Kitchen Basics
    When I think of a romantic dinner, I picture some fancy pasta dish, good bread with olive oil to dip in and some sexy finger foods. Of course good china, fancy cloth napkins, and good candle light. What about you? :)
  6. Valentine's day
    I always have prepared a really nice dinner for hubby on Valentine's Day. It's my love-gift to him. We eat at home, and I usually went all out: perhaps a shrimp cocktail, a steak, au gratin potatoes, steamed fresh green beans, a nice green salad with various kinds of greens, sliced fresh fruit...
  7. Freebies Free Gift Register today for free and receive this romantic gift (a $13.95 value)! The author of this book, Michael Webb, has been a romance coach for the Oprah show. Find out his tips and secrets in his ebook, 101 Romantic Ideas.
  8. Freebies
  9. For Sale or Trade
    $3 each INCLUDING shipping by media mail (within USA) Here is the list: Andersen, Susan, Obsessed Andersen, Susan, Present Danger Andersen, Susan, Shadow Dance Cameron, Stella, Key West Erickson, Lynn, On Thin Ice Erickson, Lynn, Searching For Sarah Forster, Suzanne, While She Was Sleeping...
  10. Valentine's day
    Whether you are in a relationship or single, rarely will Valentine's Day pass by without your notice. If you are single and even if you think the day has no significance, on Valentine's Day you will think about and want a relationship more than usual. If you are in a relationship and Valentine's...
  11. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    you've ever done for your spouse or SO for their birthday? Steve's birthday is Monday(the big 34) and I want to plan something REALLY special. My plan is.............Cooking his favorite meal ribeye,baked potato,grilled bread,and a green salad. I wanted to make a strawberry dessert....I'll get...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts It looks like a nice magazine.
  13. Family
    I was playing around on the internet and found several websites that have romantic ideas for you to do. I didn't look at all the sites but wanted to share them anyway. I hope you are able to find some romantic and fun ideas to share with your honey!!! :D
  14. Family
    Even if it's not with your current so/dh... I've had several with Malcom but one of my all time favorites is one of our first dates. When we first started dating I lived on the beach and would go walking the beach everyday. Well one night Malcom took me out to dinner and then we got a bottle...
  15. Valentine's day
    Poetry, e-cards, love poems and more!
  16. Family
    I was curious what you considered romantic in your relationship. I was thinking that I considered some pretty small things to be romantic. An example, I hate refilling the sugar dispenser. Gabe almost always fills it. I was thinking about how he never gripes and just does it knowing it...
  17. Vacations and Travel
    Where have you gone that was a romantic getaway? I have been here: It is just beautiful.
  18. Vacations and Travel
    I know there are some NH members here, and I am hoping you can help me out. My dh and I are thinking of going up north (maybe North Conway area or further north) for a weekend. I've never stayed in a B & B or inn as dh and I prefer to be left alone--don't want to be "forced" into hanging out...
1-18 of 19 Results