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  1. Quilting
    Dd is left handed and having a horrible time cutting with the rotary cutter I have. I'm wondering if there is a left handed one out there?
  2. Quilting
    I actually have 2. I keep one for cutting as a spare.
  3. Leisure & Media Arts
    Written by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. This book is the best book I've read when it comes to using your rotary cutting tool, pressing and piecing. There are great pictures and wonderful explanations of how to use your rulers and cut, how to piece each piece together and then how to press so...
  4. Sewing
  5. Quilting
    How often do you have to replace your rotary cutter blade? My first one lasted a good while but this last one is getting dull awfully quick. I think I used the first one way more than I've used this one. Could I be doing something wrong? Any thoughts appreciated.
  6. Quilting
    Who makes the best rotary cutter? What size? TIA
  7. Quilting
    Okay its time to fess up, am I the only one who has had a rotary cutter wound on the quilting tutuorial. I know I was not being as careful as I should have been. It was last night and I was behind and hurrying to get my squares all cut out. I had just finished cutting some but needed to...
  8. Quilting
    I am wanting to make a quilt for my niece for xmas and I have never done this. I bouht a dritz rotary cutter and a cutting mat, but when I try to cut even the thinnest material it doesn't cut through please tell me what I am doing wrong.
1-8 of 8 Results