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  1. Lifestyle challenges
    Continuing on with the challenge of reducing our plastics and rubbish - looking forward to hearing how everyone does in February!
  2. Lifestyle challenges
    Here it is......... a continuation of Rhonda's great thread that was started last year! How is everyone doing this month? I have to admit things are shameful at my house. I'm using disposable diapers (go ahead and pelt me with rocks!). We've had some problems with our softener/chlorinator...
  3. Lifestyle challenges
    Reading CJ's post on the increasing price of plastic made me think about reducing the plastic have in my home even more.  I'll let you in on a secret.  I HATE plastic.  I know it's made life easier and that our kids can't imagine a life without plastic, but I try to limit plastic whenever I...
  4. Green Living
    I just thought I'd have my brag here! Just before Christmas DH and I decided to get rid of our kitchen bin, so we did and it's been great! The bin was stainless steel so went out to be recycled. We still have a wheelie bin outside that gets emptied by the council but I don't think that's...
1-4 of 4 Results