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  1. Quilting
    I have a couple rulers for triangles that I've never used. I also don't use a 6x12 ruler I bought on a whim. I really don't like it although my Omnigard 6x12 inch ruler gets used all the time.
  2. Quilting
    I have tons of questions and haven't even started. rofl I am concerned about my ruler slipping or sliding. I wondered if anyone has any tips to prevent this. I've heard things like using the rulers with lips on them, adding sandpaper to under the ruler, and omnigrid has a product called...
  3. Quilting
    Since beginning my quilting almost 15 years ago, I've always been partial to Omnigard rulers, in fact thats all I have. But at the quilting class on Wed. the teacher had a ruler called Easy rule by Sharon Hultgren and I'm sold!!! I purchased the 6 inch by 12 ruler and love it and when I have...
  4. Quilting
    How many rulers do you have for quilting. Often when you take a quilting class, they will tell you to purchase this ruler and that ruler and the list goes on. I've been quilting now for 11 years and these are the rulers I have. - 15 in square ruler (I wouldn't be without this one. I use it...
1-4 of 4 Results