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  1. Just Tips
    Okay, this is an old-timers tip, but a revelation for me. We go through a loaf of bread a day, and I finally started wiping out the bags and re-using them. This has drastically reduced my use of ziplock bags. They work great for muffins, pancakes, homemade bread, etc. Becky in TX
  2. Just Tips
    I'm making bread crumbs from the heels of the bread and wondered.... "I wonder what I can do with these bags"? Any ideas??? thank you Melissa
  3. Home Environment
    WOOHOO!! I've cleaned both daughter's rooms, a hall closet and the linen closet, a blanket chest and a big cedar hope chest. I have donated/trashed 22 TRASH BAGS OF UNNECESSARY CLUTTER!!! I feel so much cleaner!! I've still got a lot left to clean out, but I feel a small sense of victory.
  4. Crafts for kids
    I want to do something different this yr for Christmas for the kids. I get books so inexpensively at the thrift store and am always gathering crafts and activities online. I wanted to put together some story sacks for the kids. If anyone has any resources for books that are coupled with...
  5. Education
    Great fun thing to make and share with your children
1-5 of 5 Results