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  1. Kitchen Basics
    Sears has a 5 qt. pressure cooker on sale for 17.49 starting in the morning. This is the cheapest price that I can find in stores around here or at the major stores on the net. I researched canning using a pressure cooker on the net - some sites said it was fine, some said it's not safe. I...
  2. Military Families
    I don't post much, as I tend to be a lurker (shy)...but just wanted to give up thanks for another soldier home safely from Iraq!!! Actually....many more. My daugher and 300 others have arrived safely in the states for demobilization at Ft. Lewis! There are still about 2000 others in the unit on...
  3. General Chat
    Well, we made it home safe and sound. We have been so busy. The kids were really good on the planes and have been good since. We haven't had alot of sleep but are having fun anyway! I won't be able to post much while I'm here but will try to pop in every couple of days. Miss you guys!! 
1-3 of 3 Results