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  1. Discount Stores
    Our sams membership is up, we were thinking about joining costco instead. Anyone have any suggestions? Have you dropped one for another or just given them up completely? I do buy cheese, eggs, milk and cat food from sams. ( I use alot of cat food having 10 of them) It seems alot of the other...
  2. Just Tips
    I found out today that you don't need a membership to use the optical center at Sams Club. I have always known the pharmacy was free for everyone but the optical center is a nice bonus. I had to order contacts for DH today. I'm not always the biggest fan of Walmart but it did save me over $25...
  3. Discount Stores
    *Sigh* I really wish we had an Aldi's here. The last time I was able to shop at one was when I was living in Germany. Even in Germany, Aldi's was great. All we have here is a Sam's and a Save A Lot other than the Walmart and Country Mart. Not much variety. I used to have a Sam's Club...
  4. General Chat
    We just got a new Costco this week here in Central Alabama. I went there with my family today and brought my notebook. I wasn't the only one walking around writting down prices. Y'all be so proud of me as I did not get a membership and won't until I price compare Sams, Costco, and my local...
  5. Discount Stores
    I was wondering what you guys thought about if it's worth it. I am single but at least 3 other people eat what I buy. My brother, bf, and mom plus myself. I buy the majority of food say about 95 percent. Like I've found I can save like some cents of staples like butter, eggs, and organic...
  6. Freebies membership number is optional
  7. Christmas
    November 18-20 Friday and Saturday 10:00am- 7:30Pm Sunday 10:00Am- 6:00 PM Celebrate the season at your local Sam's Club, sample a varety of delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts.
  8. Support
    I passed by these people...2 girl had a tshirt on that said " I enjoy threesomes" The other said " I like being in the middle.." And the guys " YES! I'm with them!"   :rolleyes:
  9. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Ours Sams club has the gain fabric softner maked down to $3.81 for the 185 load bottle!!! I think it had been being close to $9 a bottle. I picked up 6..I should've gotten more....
1-9 of 9 Results