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  1. Vacations and Travel
    We are planning a trip in June to San Diego. We are driving from Colorado. We want to go to the San Diego Zoo, the Safari Zoo, and Sea World and the beach of course. I was wondering if any one had suggestions on where to stay or the best place to purchase tickets. This is a big trip for us as...
  2. General Chat
    Anyone feel it this morning?Some people here in Corpus Christi say they did, but we didn't.... We didn't know there was a 4.6 earthquake until I read the news.
  3. Vacations and Travel
    My family and I will be traveling to San Francisco this June. The main reason we are going is for a music festival that my husband wanted to attend. We have already paid for the tickets for the festival. (Cash, not credit, yay!) Now I am trying to figure out lodging. Because we are bringing our...
  4. Vacations and Travel
    Hello fellow villagers - need some help from y'all on fun places to see/visit and possibly eat :) Any suggestions? I will be flying there and renting a vehicle, staying in motels and with family as we're out that way. Will be traveling with DF and dad who's limited in his walking. We've...
  5. General Chat
    Around 6:15pm Pacific time an explosion happened in a residential neighborhood in San Bruno. They think it was from a broken natural gas main (not confirmed yet). The explosion sent a huge fireball thousands of feet into the air. Dozens of homes have burned up/are on fire. They've sent fire...
  6. Military Families
    Our son just got his Trident! He is a navy seal now. It was a beautiful and exciting ceremony. :sun: You all can imagine how proud of him we are! I just have to brag occasionally, you know? Plus we had the entire family in one place for the first time in 2 years. Even the daughter...
  7. Vacations and Travel
    Well, my mom has decided that it's time for a mother-daughter trip! Um...okay! She's paying for the airline tickets and hotels... I have to cover my food, tours, and souvenirs (not planning to get any souvenirs...aside from a couple fridge version of "souvenirs" -- hey, they're...
  8. Frugal Living
    Wasn't sure where to put this post, hope Frugal Living is ok. A coupon website I sometimes use sent out an email about an event they're having in November. They need "DealPros" (people who are great at finding deals and saving money) to go to San Francisco all expenses paid and take part in a...
  9. Southwest Pals
    How many people from/near the San Antonio area? Anyone interested in a meet-up? I will be returning from Kuwait in a few weeks (after being gone a year) and would love to meet up with all/any/some of y'all!
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  11. General Chat
    I woke up this morning to find out many of my friends in town had to evacuate their homes at 3am. The schools are all closed. I went into work but after 4 hours my boss closed the gym and sent us home. The air is so bad with the wind blowing so hard. It seems the fire in my area will be...
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  14. Freebies
  15. Freebies
    AAA, AARP, Military and Senior Discounts Available Book a flight in our open cockpit biplane, air combat fighter, or warbird and we’ll give you a free T-shirt. Offer expires July 31, 2007. Expiration dates are renewed the last week of each month. Tickets Good For 6 Months - 30 Day Money Back...
  16. Green Living
    I thought some of you night find this interesting.
  17. Family
    we are going on a long, much needed vacation to san antonio again this may. we're taking the kid back to sea world since he loved it so much last year. thing is, this is my 4th time going back to san antonio and it seems like i just keep seeing the same things everytime. is there any nifty...
  18. Health and beauty
    is an awesome guy!! Today DS#2 won a scholarship to attend his camp begining this week in Waco at Baylor University. LT is from the area and comes back every year to help the youth in the area. He is holding 2 camps this year. You can go to to read about the camp. I am so excited for...
  19. West Pals
    I'm new here, but I'm in the San Diego area.
  20. West Pals
    Anyone close to me ? :grnwave:
1-20 of 24 Results