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  1. General Chat
    I can't believe it--I just found out that I won the Bissell Steam and Sweep!!! I am so excited!!! I was just thinking yesterday as I entered some contest at the grocery store that I never win anything...Well I can't say that anymore!!! Thank you Sara for providing an informative and fun...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Sara just turned 28! Love you. XOXOXOX
  3. Find Your Kith
    Sara, two of us started an ADHD kith. Please delete mine, because I posted a long reply on the other kith (INt mom's). Thanks
  4. General Chat
    :smirk: I was tickled pink this morning when I picked up my "Daily News" Really that is the name of my local paper "The Virgin Islands Daily News" I skim through the hefty 35 page paper and in the Home and Garden section, (That would be page 16, only page 16.) Is a little article about 8in long...
  5. General Chat
    I posted my sale finds in the FOR SALE area and should have been in the thrift section can you move it. Sorry i was reading the for sale area and i thought i switched to the thrift.. Sorry.
  6. General Chat
    Was just over in the blog section and you have someone posting inappropriate pics over there. User name Jeck
  7. General Chat
    I was cruising the NBC station out of KC (we live in Lawrence which makes KC the closest biggest city) and found this article by Sara. I saw the...
  8. General Chat
    okay so do the rest of you see this advertisement for "becky" (you know the super 'ripped' chick in the white shorts and top with the tape measure around her waist giving us the 'thumbs-up'....) on the left side of our screens...???? Sara....why do we have to keep seeing her ...
  9. General Chat
    I was just curious, with the economic downturn REALLY beginning approximately Aug. 2008, how much increase in activity on the Frugal Village have you seen? Take care and God bless.
  10. General Chat
    WOW that is awesome. It's so much easier. All anyone has to do is go to the challenge forum. GREAT JOB!!
  11. Needle Arts
    At one time you had a bunch of afghan patterns listed. I remember someting about simple patterns you can do while watching tv or something like that. Do you have that list somewhere? I would liek to see if i can't make one into a shawl. :)
  12. General Chat
    Sara, in your avitar i see a s/he yours?? We just got two Holland lop babies. Well, not babies, but young. Just wondered if the bunny was new to the family. :)
  13. General Chat
    To all those reading this, Today is a wonderful day, it is my sister Sara's Birthday! Just want to say that I love you sis,and wish you the best...
  14. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Have a great day! :stewie:
1-14 of 308 Results