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  1. New Member Introductions
    It's a beautiful day here in Texas, although the wind is always blowing. My name is Rhonda Grice and I work from home on my blog and writing web content for some folks. Being frugal and learning how to manage money has made it possible for me to stay at home and I love it. Can't wait to get...
  2. Just Tips
    Have you ever tried watermelon rind? It tastes like cucumber, and it is considered a Chinese medicine for thousand years. We always discard it. What a waste!
  3. General Chat
    Hi Everyone! I came upon this site while I was looking for ways to save money! This year I have a goal to save enough money in order to drop to part time working hours and devote more time to my family. I've gotten plenty of eye rolls for this, being told that this isn't possible and it's not...
  4. Just Tips
    Photo by izik Save your orange peels and create a wonderfully thrifty, immune-boosting bath. You see, vitamin C (which oranges are full of) is one of the few vitamins that can be absorbed through your skin. The vitamin C from the peels not only benefits your immune system and helps fight off...
  5. General Chat
    Hi, I'm excited to have found a forum to chat about all things thrifty, with like-minded people. For the last few years, I've been researching and testing ways to save money and cut my bills. I've had great success! Recently, I've been increasingly focused on learning new practical skills, to...
  6. Blog - Click Here Eat. Drink. Save Money.
  7. Blog
    #8 - Local Meat and Produce Markets I knew a lady who went to the butchers and bought a side of beef, all cut up, every year when she got her tax refund. It gave her meat for the whole year for her family, and the price per pound was amazingly low! She kept them fed well on steaks and chops at...
  8. Money challenges
    :feedback: OK, there is a title! Feeling inspired by the "No/Low Spend" threads, I would like to give it a whirl too. Mine is going to be a bit shorter though and 100 is a nice round number! I picked $5000 as it is not a horribly impossible $$$ and we need to rebuild our EF as we had used...
1-8 of 8 Results