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  1. Camping, RV's, Trailers, Outdoor Living
    As most of you know we bought our new to us RV last fall. Well, as with any RV repairs need to be made to things now and then. Our large day/night shade over the kitchen dinette broke. The main thread popped. I had no clue what to do where to go or where to start. Thank goodness for a dad...
  2. General Chat
    This was awesome, thought I'd share!!
  3. Kitchen Basics
    Just today I am looking around, trying to cut costs for groceries. It seems the snacks and stuff is always the most expensive. I had on my shelf a box of shredded wheat.. The plain, whole wheat thingys..Kids never liked it and I never got a chance to enjoy it. SO... I took it and put in a dry...
  4. Health and beauty
    I've been cutting my own (short) hair now for a few months. Saving a bundle. Well, I thought I'd try highlights next time I needed them ---at home. ;) I used to do it years ago when my hair was about shoulder length. I had never done short layered hair. Plus, it was 'iffy' when I did...
  5. General Chat
    We can all rest easy. Donald Trump has bought Ed McMahon's house and is leasing it to him.I feel much better now. I was so worried he'd end up on the street! HA! If he knew how to manage his millions he would'nt be in this position.A lesson for us all!!!
  6. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    I had a box of steakums lingering in the deep dark freezer.. and a small bag of cut up green pepper (that I saved from a month ago, thinking, hey I better freeze these instead of throwing away.) and an onion.. I put the green peppers (frozen) and cut the onion up in the bottom of my baby crock...
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    When it comes to cutting costs, consumers always look at the big stuff. Postponing that vacation. Keeping your car a few more years. Nixing the addition on the house. But it's often the little things that can make an even bigger difference. For instance, Joseph Montanaro, a certified financial...
  8. Kitchen Basics
    What are some things this week that you were able to salvage instead of throwing away? I put some stale french bread in the food processor to make bread crumbs and put them in the freezer for future recipes.
  9. Kitchen Basics
    So we have a thread for wasted food accountability. Well how about those "nice saves" we've done. Here's mine so far this week. Some cooked chicken that was about to go bad turned into chicken and dumplings. Two bell peppers that were starting to get less than crispy turned into a pork stir...
  10. News you can use
    Here's a great article about saving water around the house.....enjoy!
  11. General Chat
    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the difference?It seems to me that when I use body wash in the shower,it takes more time to rinse it off of my skin- I guess b/c it feels more slippery. When I use bar soap, it doesn't take as long to rinse the soap off - I am actually using less water...
  12. Kitchen Basics
    I'm trying to rework my grocery budget and lose almost ALL the convenience foods that I buy. Now, what I consider convenience foods, my friends think are nieghbor thinks I'm crazy for considering these items conveniences, but my thinking is I can make them from scratch instead of...
  13. Leisure & Media Arts
    ... using skills he learned from playing World of Warcraft, a Massive Multiplayer Online computer game!
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I'm still looking for a "program" as a help. I'll keep going on my own, but sometimes having a structure helps a bit. The website is at americasaves(dot)org Judi
  15. Question and Answer
    I was just thinking about the fact I don't really use coupons a whole lot. I can usually get walmart brand stuff cheaper then name brand with a coupon. So I save money by not couponing. haha. I mean there are things I do use coupons for like shampoo, Tide, batteries, TP but my average coupon...
  16. Just Tips
    I got myself in a situation. I'm suppose to create a list of things you can do to save $10 a month. Either my brain's broke, or I've been a tightwad so long all those things seem "normal" to me. Here's what we've got so far: 1. Turn your thermostat up (or down, depending on the season) 2º...
  17. Question and Answer
    For me, I think it was the decision to move to a city with a low cost of living. There is also a lot of free educational opportunities here. I was able to go to culinary school for free and am considering attending nursing school for free. My city also is great for senior citizens. I'm not one...
  18. Pets
    Heart warming story.:);_ylt=AgJjhHS5uiKTYd6u_yEPyDes0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3ODdxdHBhBHNlYwM5NjQ-
  19. Frugal Living
    I am going to try something over the next two paychecks. This Friday, I am going to budget myself a specific amount of money to be used for two weeks for groceries. I think I am going to make it $60 for two people and a cat for two weeks. Then, I'm going to compare exactly how much I spend...
  20. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I'm curious how many people have a decent savings or any savings and have credit card debt. Just curious why you're not using your savings toward your debt. edited to add..I hope I don't sound like so what the heck are you people doing??? lol I'm asking out of curiosity for discussion...
1-20 of 22 Results