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  1. General Chat
    I am trying to plan out how to pay the med bills we will be getting. We have been a bit beset with mishaps here. DS broke his finger and a bone in his hand. 1 urgent care visit with x rays last week. A specialist visit today with more x rays. I'm praying he doesn't need surgery! I can...
  2. Health and beauty
    Yippee, the ENT's office called and I'm scheduled for my CT scan next Monday. It's a week later than we wanted because of insurance changes but at least I'm getting closer to being able to breath and smell again. I made brownies earlier and DH was up. He said he couldn't wait for me to be able...
  3. Pregnancy
    And its a BOY! All is well and healthy :) No joke, this is how he was when i had the scan. Upside down, strange child lol. Saying hello
  4. Health challenges
    Some of you might remember that I posted about having to get a PET scan last week because my cancer marker numbers went up. Well after not hearing from them, I finally worked up the courage, and called myself. :ponder: And so finally today (friday), I heard back from the nurse. My...
  5. Health challenges
    Back in June, when I had my CA125 blood work done, my cancer marker numbers rose from 13 to 33. Normal range is 0 to 35, so I was still in "normal" range, but my onconologist wanted me to have a PET done then. Well my insurance put up an argument claiming that since I was still in normal range...
  6. Pregnancy
    Thought i'd share pictures of the first scan of Baby White :) I'm 13 weeks + 1 day, due 27/3/11
  7. Health and beauty
    I had a CT sinus scan, but my appointment isn't for ages, so I'm wondering if anyone could interpret the results for me...I have the radiologist written report, but it's all greek to me!
  8. General Chat
    My local Stop & Shop, the one I frequent, just started a new "Scan it" system. You take a cool handheld scanner and bag your own groceries as you shop. It enables you to see a running tally of how much $$ you are spending, chimes in with coupon offers on foods just for you (which I haven't...
  9. General Chat
    Hey everyone! I just got a call that I have been approved to be a part of Home Scan!! I'm really excited about it. I know some of you either are or have been a part of this. Can you tell me how it's going with you? Do you scan every purchase? Only certain ones? How often do you scan? Any...
  10. Pregnancy
    at 18w4d, everything is looking great although I was measuring a week ahead
  11. Support
    I am really nervous about the CAT scan I am having tonight. I'm still going through tests to figure out what is wrong with my stomach. I haven't been able to sleep because I'm driving myself crazy with what it could be. So anyway, I'd appreciate your good thoughts today. Thanks :)
  12. Family
    Tuesday DS1 was playing with the ball and bat and ended up connecting not only with the ball but with my two year old daughters HEAD!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Thought ok it was a hard hit, but I will just moniter her.. Well she went right to sleep(normal after a hit on the head), then she threw...
  13. Computers
    This is new from Earthlink. You don't have to be a customer to run the scan.
  14. Computers
  15. General Chat
    Do you scan your PC for viruses on a regular basis? I am planning to do mine today. I have my Norton Antivirus set to update itself regularly. And I try to scan my PC once a week.
1-15 of 16 Results