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  1. General Chat
    I have it from reliable sources that Christmas has been scheduled for December 25, 2010. I thought everybody might like to know, so it doesn't sneak up on you... wouldn't want you to have to dip into your emergency fund for it or... GASP... break out the PLASTIC. We don't do that around here!
  2. General Chat
    My surgery is scheduled for September 1st. It's a cystoscopy? spelling) they will check for bladder cancer ect. Then my other surgerywill be within a week or so after that. They have to reattach my bladder, its falling out, Better known has prolapsed bladder. So i will be in bed for a few days...
  3. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    :ouch: Yeah, that's about how I feel right now. I sat down this past weekend, got the budget all set out, found that we could slide three paychecks into this budget month and also do the same for October. That's wickedly good for our debt snowball payment. I had everything figured into the...
  4. Pregnancy
    So, we had our 32 week appointment today and we scheduled the c-section for 10:15 on the morning of Friday February 17th. I'm actually due on the 21st and the 17th is a date that makes me a little nervous because I'm afraid I won't last that long and will go into labor on the 15th, which is...
  5. Pregnancy
    For 18 April. Happens to be my Birthday too! Woo hoo. My appointment went well today. Everything is fine with me and with baby. :yippee:
  6. Health and beauty
    The local hospital will discount the cost of the mammagram if you schedule your mammagram in October. I won't get it until December because they're booked up until then but I still get the discount. I'm dreading it and wish it were over already. I dread it because I'm always afraid they'll...
  7. General Chat
    He will be having a right inguinal hernia repair and posible left exploratory. I think we will opt for the left explore due to the fact that his dad, uncle and grampa all had bilateral (both sides) inguinal hernias and this is a hereditary condition. Also, since it is presenting so early (he's...
1-7 of 8 Results