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  1. Bright Horizons
    So it is ten days to summer vacation!!!! :ack: DD has two weeks of Summer School/Camp for reading. My ex agreed to drive her as there is no transportation to and from and I will pick her up by city bus. She will still have tutoring once a week and a little homework everyday. I am looking into...
  2. Family
    Okay School schedules are nuts this year (plus son might be starting a sport) How do you do dinner when times are nuts? In the past I have made a crock pot meal when cooking dinner and picking up a child were going to conflict. But how do you do it when you know that you will be picking up...
  3. Waste not Wednesday
    ~Today I have need to: -put away all the folded laundry -work on one of my quilts -order curriculum -order quilt batting -shop for a new fridge -cover and wall mount a large corkboard -rsvp to a party -call homeschool group -give the kitchen a good scrubbing Hope everyone has a great day!~
  4. Home and family challenges
    My housework has really suffered lately. Mainly due to my just being darn right lazy. I desperately want to get on track. So, I was thinking of putting myself on some sort of schedule. Nothing too strict or anything, but something that I can use as a guide to get me through each day. There...
  5. Home Environment
    Just some charts to help you stay on top of your housework! A great time management tool!
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Is your favorite show coming back? has it's day or time changed? Was it cancelled all together?,1002,802|||,00.html I was started looking thru it and noticed that they are moving LOST to 9:00 next fall.......I think that was as far as I got. Can't...
  7. Education
  8. Education
    I just posted a question on the Veranda about kids and activities and how-much-is-too-much? But, since we have flexible schedules as HSers, we might have different responses. How many activities are your children in? How much do activites disrupt your school and family schedules? I find...
  9. Education
1-9 of 9 Results