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  1. Question and Answer
    I would like any weblinks or information about home schooling a 14 year old (9th grade) in Alabama. A friend is looking for this. Can anyone help?
  2. Education
    I want to try and home school my DD15 she has ADHD and bipolar and OCD. School is getting to much for her. She is at a first grade learning level and going to be in the 8th gread next year. How do I get started?
  3. General Chat
    I was thinking about college and how the tendency to continue education runs in families. Or does it? So I put together a list of what went on in my family. I found some of the trends interesting. My grandparents were all born either in the late 1800s or early 1900s, a time when most did...
  4. Home and Family
    Much is made over the importance of higher education, and rightly so. Those youths whose schooling ends with a high school diploma will, throughout life, find themselves with the same opportunity as persons who marry in haste: that of repenting at leisure. Just as a secondary school diploma...
  5. Education
  6. Education
  7. Education
    ....... is the homeschool site of the day for 11/18/02. Enjoy! :)
1-7 of 8 Results