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  1. Coupons
    Print coupon I just printed mine, you go to "get special savings" it let me print 2 - Scott Done Right
  2. Freebies Receive a free sample of SCOTT Extra Soft Toilet Tissue Double Roll and a 10ct travel pack of SCOTT Moist Wipes!
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  5. Community sites
    Hi. I guess my background is a bit different from most of the FV members. This is my writing page. I've had over 400 stories, poems & articles published over the years. They're creative, often inspired by dreams. If you're into those things feel free to visit. There are lots of pieces you...
  6. Freebies
    Never tried them before but signed up for a sample. Here's the link:
  7. Freebies
    Please fill in the information below and Kimberly-Clark will send you a sample of SCOTT® Xtreme Rags.
  8. Question and Answer
    Okay Question for everyone and by the way Happy Memorial Day! I've used The Regular Scott Tissue Toliet Paper for years because it has the label that it's safe for Septic Tanks. I can geta a bunch of coupons for the Extra Soft kind but my mother says that it won't dissolve in Septic tanks. Is...
  9. Coupons
    HABA $1.00/1 Johnson's buddies (3/31/0Cool $1.50/1 6oz. or larger Coppertone water babies (9/30/07) HOUSEHOLD/CLEANING $1.00/1 Dawn direct foam pump (9/30/07) $2.00/1 Dawn direct foam refill (9/30/07) $1.00/1 Gillette fusion, hydragel shave gel /fusion after shave (12/31/07) $1.00/1 Gillette...
  10. Freebies
    Was shocked to find this in there. But in this months Progressive Farmer magazine there is a coupon for $2.00 the 4 pack of Scott Quick Disolve or the soft kind OR off the 12 pack of the original. We use this so it was a good find for me. Take Care, Susan
  11. Freebies
    Scott Coupons They'll be the link for $2 worth of coupons. You can get $1 off Scott Toliet Paper Tissue and $1.00 off the paper towels. If you have two different email addresses you can print up to two coupons of each on your computer. A lot of stores have Scott on sale this week, so it's a...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts
    Here is another one of my favorite authors. This book really speaks of the justice system and a 13 year old who has lived a difficult home life. Excellant book!! Thats all I'm going to give away although there is more of a description written on the back of the book. You can see that...
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  14. General Chat
    to buy some bicarb of soda and came back empty handed. He said they didn't have any and couldn't even find the shelf where it would be. I told him it would be near the pancake mix etc, and he went bright red and told me he'd been looking in the cleaning product aisle!:D :D :D Gotta love him!
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    Have you heard?
1-16 of 17 Results