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  1. General Chat
    ****** Houston has died at the age of 48 :(
  2. Question and Answer
    Is there any screen there that I can buy to cut for my food dehydrator?
  3. Question and Answer
    Don't ask me how this happened, but somehow a fork ran through our washing machine and when it reached our dryer it made a hole in the filter screen (where the lint collects) Has anyone repaired or replaced one of these? Our dryer is about 15 years old, a Maytag fwiw. What did you use to...
  4. Make It Yourself
    heres the pictures of the mesh screens i made from stainless steel i have 3 different kinds of dehydrator so i made for them all
  5. General Chat
    I always love checking out message boards and looking at people's screen names. Some people are just so creative with them (among some of the creative ones I love here are madhen and manyhouseapes :) ) They just conjure up some great images of your homelife! So I am curious, what does your...
  6. Pets
    I thought this was cute.
  7. Computers
    Does anyone know how to resize the screen that show internet views? The pages are just a little bit too large and I have to move the bottom bar to the right or left to see all of the information that is on the page. Thank you in advance for any help
  8. Home Environment
    I plan on buying a medium size flat screen TV soon. I hate the thought of it taking over the living room wall, but the solutions I have seen to hide them seem rediculously expensive. Can anyone recommend a homemade or inexpensively purchased way to hide it when not in use?
  9. Computers
    My cat decided to sit on the keyboard of my laptop today. When he got up my screen was completely upside down. I cannot figure out how to get it back right side up. He has done this before, turning my screen sideways and DH fixes it for me. However, he gets kind of annoyed so I really don't want...
  10. General Chat Someone sent me this and I had to share. Cute!
  11. General Chat
    I live with my significant other and a roommate. My roommate is a friend who just got kicked out of the room his was renting so we took him in. He has been here for about three weeks and I want to strangle his neck. I have lived with my SO for about two years and I still want to strangle him...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts
    I know there are a few pogo players on here, just wondering if you want to share your screen name so other FV members who play pogo can add you to their friends list. Mine is esrun93.
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  15. Utilities
    My mom works for the electric company here and a customer called saying her electric went up a lot over the last few months. It seems she bought a 50 inch projection TV. My mom did the math to help the little old lady figure out how much it cost to run the TV per month...$50! It's even more for...
1-15 of 28 Results