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  1. Christmas
    This year I'm using all those cards that are leftover. You know the two or three from the package you used in past years . If there isn't an envelope that matches I'm going to make a envelope or send that card to someone that I'm sending a package. Then I'll look for next years cards then...
  2. General Chat
    The summer sure has gone by quickly and it is that time again. We have spent the past several weeks making sure dd is moved in and set up for her coming sophmore year at CMU. This year she is going to really be on her own in an apartment with her three room mates. No more dorm, meals...
  3. News you can use
    Sending your 1040 via special delivery When your tax return absolutely, positively has to get to the IRS, here are the rules on using a private delivery service, along with some advice for late e-filers.
  4. Coupons
    I posted that I had a lot of coupons, and I was supposed to be sending them to someone, but I lost the email, and can't find the address. If I was supposed to be sending them to you, please let me know! Sorry it took so long. Life has been crazy!
  5. General Chat
    Well, here I am, over 50, and still having to take money from my mother to help with bills. It makes me feel so worthless sometimes! Of course, it was unforseen that the insurance would double, and that I would injure myself at work, but I feel like I need to be doing better. I feel so...
  6. Writing Forum
    So far I've gotten one rejection, one no hear from. I'll be sending out my third soon. :)
  7. General Chat
    This is the great-niece of an OL friend of mine. She is 8 years old and was burned over almost 50% of her body when she fell into a burn pit. Several of us (her GA's OL friends) have offered to send her a card, including a little info about...
  8. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Okay, the girls who used to come after school aren't coming anymore. They were getting a bit old for it, (I thought), and I think they finally convinced Mom that they could do their homework on their own. I'm fine with it, but it was $150 a week that I was making and we need that now more...
  9. General Chat
    I haven't got it out yet!!!! I will mail it out as soon as we get settled in the new apartment ;) Just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgot about you......:D
  10. Family
    Jaysn and I both had gotten that flu/cold virus and his decided to settle in his chest (he is prone to respitory infections). This morning he is coughing up some weird colored mucus and based on past experience with him, I know that he is going to need antibiotics to get over this one. Luckily...
  11. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    that was fun!! i will send it out today on it's way to mrsengeseth. (i put some expecting mommy stickers in it for you!!! ;) :toothy:
  12. Thanksgiving
    May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!! My love and prayers are with you all. :grouphug: I'll see you late next week.:)
  13. General Chat
    Last night I was called home from work by my darling dh. My daughter was hit by a car as she crossed the intersection on her way to the library. Though Harry Potter (the cassette book she was returning) did not survive, my baby came away from the accident with only contusions and road rash...
  14. Christmas
    You'd be very wise if you sent them now. Customs on both sides are being exceptionally strict and have been for a couple months now. Even parcels sent in certain boxes from Canada are being sent back, regardless of what is inside of the box only because of what type of box it is or whats...
  15. Support
    In this very cold day of winter, I want to send some warm feelings and hugs to all the friends in the village who may need a little sunshine:sun: in their day. That's all I want to say...have a beautiful day dear friends.:sun: :heartsm:
1-16 of 16 Results