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  1. Secondhand Shopping
    My youngest son left his bike in the park last year, and when we went to get it the next day it was gone. Now that the weather is nicer he is in need of a new bike. I checked out Target, Walmart, Kmart, and ToysRus, but all the bikes were either 1) over-the-top themed bikes (can't stand that)...
  2. General Chat
    I had an odd happenstance this past week and I wanted to share...... Our youngest dd has been having car troubles for some time with her car.....we bought each one of our dk's a car when they were in h.s. . Each car was anywhere from 2 to 4 yrs. old with low mileage and had been very well taken...
  3. Chocolate
    Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe created by Serendipity 3 restaurant Seen on the show Oprah's Favorite Sandwich 6 half-ounce pieces of a variety of your favorite chocolates 2 teaspoons of store-bought hot chocolate mix 1 1/2 tablespoons...
  4. General Chat
    I'm using serendipity and love it. How about you, what are you using as your format?
  5. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Dh and I went to see this movie last night. It was a nice romantic movie. I enjoyed it. I like John Cusack. Brandy
1-6 of 6 Results