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  1. Freebies
  2. Camping, RV's, Trailers, Outdoor Living
    We are on the move!!! My DH had taken an early retirement/ buyout from his company after 15 years of service. We have made our minds up that we are going to be snowbirds but the kicker is that we sold our house and we are going to live in the camper year round. We want to be set free from...
  3. Preparedness and Survival
    Here's the scenario: We currently live in a tinderbox. We had very dry weather last fall and the area was several feet below normal snow totals over winter. The snow has melted now and there has been no rain. Everything is dry as dust, and we're having record high temps. We live in a huge...
  4. Cast Iron cooking
    I get a circular from TSC via email and in this weeks ad there is an 8 piece set for $49.99 if anyone is interested. Tractor Supply Company - Home go to their site and view the current ad. Sale only lasts until the 6th.
  5. General Chat
    I just wanted to thank all of you for changing my mindset, to being more frugal. The best example I have yet is from recently: I usually buy Lulu Lemon yoga pants that cost $98.00 CAD(They are good quality), since I am not able to afford them currently I found similar pants at Costco for...
  6. Kitchen Basics
    14 grocery staples getting costlier - 1 - food shopping - MSN Money I noticed this article on MSN today and thought it was interesting. The whole milk is going to kill us. Both kids have to drink whole milk and we go through a gallon every 2-3 days.
  7. Meal planning
    I have been looking at a lot of site on the internet that claim to be about frugal cooking. However, the meals for a family of 4 are almost $15 each. I know that prices are higher but what do you set as a frugal meal $wise?
  8. Freebies Visit Borders on May 7th for the Throne of Fire book release and kids will receive a free Lego Pharoaoh's Quest Building Set. This offer is only while supplies lasts and is at participating Borders only. The event will run on May 7th at 2pm and...
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    What is the title of a book that tells the story of your area of the country or the world? A historical novel from Florida is: "A Land Remembered" by Patrick Smith. It covers the years from 1858 to 1968 and is a history of the proud people that lived at that time and how their lives and...
  10. Appliances
    We finally downgraded our cable and were thinking of getting a roku (for netflix) and while reading up about them I see they want a cc# at set up. I don't like just giving my number out because someone wants it on file for "possible future purchases". Sure I could set up a paypal account or...
  11. General Chat
    the surgery for April 1st on my pinky. they took the splint off today all my fingers are swollen except the thumb. It hurts to try and move them. The bone in my pinky moved so they will be going in and resetting it and then either put a pin in it or putting screws in it. Won't know until they...
  12. General Chat
    tonight before bed. Yep that time of the year for most of us to "spring forward". We have so many things that have clocks and "springing forward" isn't my fav...having it dark earlier, now that's cool, lol. Rejoice, all of you who are thrilled with more daylight towards the end of the day.
  13. Freebies
    One claim per person, for UK residents aged 18 or over only. Claims to be submitted between 08/07/2010 and 30/08/2010, while stocks last. Full terms & conditions apply John Frieda Elite®. Members Club for you chance to win a trip to the John Frieda® Mayfair Salon
  14. For Sale or Trade
    I have wooden thimble and needlebox sets for sale. $10 pays for everything(shipping inc). Please specify if you would like a set w/blue/gold trim or pink/gold trim. I've tried to attach pictures -hope they show up:)
  15. For Sale or Trade
    We have a rock band set that is wired.... drums, guitar and microphone...possibly willing to work out a trade for something i can use....or would trade for paypal....
  16. For Sale or Trade
    for sale or trade.... Looking for $7 shipped for it... only watched less than once.. I purchased it thinking the family would love it and well i was the only one that cared for it ages ago.. it just wasn't the same... not sure if this is okay to post or not...
  17. Health and beauty
    I am registered to do a 5km run! Jan. 1, 2010 Won't that be a fantastic way to start the year!?! I was very intimidated by it, until I was told that today I just did 3 km in 20 minutes. this is the beginning of our second week. So I am sure I can do it! I'm excited!:cheer4:
  18. Freebies
    Get ready for school with the Kids Corner pen and pencil set. Supplies are limited so email us today for your very own Kids Corner pen and pencil. Note: Page is from: Back to God...
  19. Dave Ramsey
    I found Frugal Village by googling "Debt Reduction". I have spent alot of time reading here, but have been avoiding why I am here to begin with. I think "Big Tony" was an inspiration. I have read "Total Money Makeover", and I only wish I had known about Dave a few years ago. I have always...
1-19 of 136 Results