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  1. General Chat
    Living Well: 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe I came across the site on Pinterest and wanted to share.
  2. Sewing
    I was stuck at home this weekend with a virus that has been going around. Our oldest dd is autistic and has a thing lately where she gets really upset if I try to take a nap, which is what I usually do when I'm sick. Instead, I got out the sewing machine and worked on some things for dh and...
  3. Sewing
    I MISS the sewing post so very much. Finally, I've said it & posted it. I would check it every day & read what everyone was doing & SO enjoyed it. Actually, it gave me the boost I needed to start & finish a project. So, if you would like to join me :flowers: thank you :flowers:
  4. Sewing
    Just thought I'd share a list of patterns for making your own cloth pads. Jan Andrea at home on the web Many Moons pad pattern - Free cloth menstrual pad pattern tutorial organic cotton cloth menstrual pads sewing instructions Sew Your Own Diapers: Cloth...
  5. General Chat
    so my brother does side work which is called a scrap metal junker person..meaning he will find people or they find him (word of mouth) that want to get rid of stuff and he goes and takes any metal item's that he sell's for so much a pound..he makes out really well sometimes with old junk cars...
  6. Sewing
    I turned a fishing tackle box into a sewing box. I bought thread and different sizes of sewing needles. I am very excited about this. It may not seem much to you but it is a big accomplishment to me. Now, I can learn to sew more things than a button and simple stitching.
  7. Sewing
    Does anyone out here make custom barbie clothes??? I am looking to replicate my Track & Field Uniform from college to have a barbie wear as part of our grooms cake topper for our upcoming wedding. I could probably makeshift something but if I could get quality I would keep it on my desk at...
  8. Sewing
    i got a singer 1802 off craigslist the top thread wraps around the bottom guessing thats bad because i cant get it to go any futher after that either the needle will stop or the fabric... sewing novice here
  9. Sewing
    Hey been busy for a while got a old camper we are fixing up and husband had a light bulb moment about making pillows curtains...etc... so i got a sewing machine on Cl for $25 but i dont know how to use i want to learn to make the boys Pjs bottoms...any tips? sites? thanks
  10. Sewing
    As some of you know, we live in a 5th wheel. Well the biggest problem for me has been not having a place to sew. Well, hubby and I decided I could take out the kitchen table and chairs to make a sewing space. We never used the kitchen area - it was just to tight with hubby and I and kids if...
  11. Sewing
    ~My sewing corner is clean and organized. My machines are ready with fresh needles. My cut-out projects are stacked neatly and waiting for me. So this weekend I'll be sewing up: 30 cloth napkins 48 handkerchiefs 3 diapers 4 lined tote bags 3 hemmed shorts embroidering a small gift for DH and...
  12. Sewing
    As listed in another thread: I'm offered a paid job to organize a sewing room. I would love to hear how other sewers have their things organized so I can present a variety...
  13. Just Tips
    Surprising New Uses for Dryer Sheets - Manage Your Life on Shine I wouldn't think that they could remove soap scum but this is a must try for me. The cats may also get a light rub down with a sheet since they (and us) are getting zapped with static electricity when we pet them.
  14. Leisure challenges
    Starting this thread for the New Year. This is where we post our sewing projects for each month and work on completing them. I did a pretty spectacularly bad job last year. Too much company and a lot of knitting sidetracked me. This year I've got to get busy. Lots to do. My sewing room...
  15. Secondhand Shopping
    was just given a treadle sewing machine for free as it did not have a belt for it --got one for it today from an old hardware store i go to sometimes-cant wait to start sewing like my mother and grand mother did-just have to learn to use my feet while I'm sewing-its an old sears sewing made...
  16. Sewing
    My 5 year old is already asking me to help her learn how to sew. She can thread a needle sometimes, and is doing random stitching in burp clothes or old rags to practice. I hope it is something she is willing to stick to and learn. It will save her in the long run and give her a skill that will...
  17. Question and Answer
    Why won't my machine sew in reverse when I press down on the reverse switch on a New Home machine?
  18. Sewing
    ~Have you, do you, planning to? What items can be made? What organizations accept donations?~
  19. Sewing
    My wife is wanting a sewing machine for Christmas, has been for a couple of years now. I'm wanting my jeans patched before winter, so she'll get a sewing machine sooner. She's borrowed a couple of machines over the years from friends, and has had difficulty getting them to work properly. So...
1-19 of 361 Results