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  1. Secondhand Shopping
    Found this shirt at the Goodwill for $1.79 Girls Clothing | Tops & Tees | Solid Henley Long Sleeve Tee | Except in Green. Which will be prefect for St Patick's day ( got to avoid the pinches that day lol) You know that I put this shirt up against others of different brands of...
  2. General Chat
    The t shirt read "We pay our bills on time" That could be taken two ways couldn't it?
  3. Freebies
    Sign up for [yellow tail] [roo]wards and earn points toward great stuff! sign up. Scroll down to see a black box on the right side of the screen and upload a holiday photo for 100 points. Then redeem for a free T-Shirt. Sign up for [yellow tail] [roo]wards and earn points toward great stuff!
  4. Freebies
    1,000 free Shirts a Day, for ten Days (US) 10,000 Free CONAN T-Shirts! @
  5. Freebies
    sign up below to get your free Saladworks shirt
  6. Question and Answer
    I accidentally spilled cream soda all over my brand new light blue t-shirt. :cry: I was at a movie theater when I did it (free passes!) so I couldn't exactly run home and throw it in the wash. Now it's dried in. How do I get it out?!
  7. Freebies
    Free Shirt or Hat - 4moms Insider You have to upload a picture of you and your family or at least somebody's family If you need pictures you might want to try here ;)
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    While oneline window shopping today I was surprised to see this shirt from Eddiebaur...
  9. Sewing
    thought this was pretty cute. especially since i have one of those kids who loves certain tshirts.
  10. Just Tips
    I found this great tutorial on Craftster for making a girl's dress from a man's shirt. I found think summery print shirt at SA for $1 and turned it into a summer dress for my girls. I can't look at a man's shirt now without thinking whether it would be a cute dress or not. It's not...
  11. Freebies
    Refuel the Middle Class T-shirt use the following code: 3Y7F4V
  12. Sewing
    Hey you know what pj shirt would be easy with those pj pants? I can't remember what its called so I call them moses shirts. But I make them girly. It's a giant T if you can imagine. Except you unfold it. So really its 2 T's with the top stuck together. Where the T's meet you need to cut a...
  13. General Chat
    hello! i am relatively new i don't see where i could put this, or even if i am allowed to put this???.....if i'm not........ i'm sorry.....please delete. at in the outlet section they have a black arizona organic tee shirt that says "reduce, reuse, recycle" it is in...
  14. Freebies
    Offer good while supplies last. All shirts are size XL. All requests must be received by January 7th, 2009. (Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery). Limit Two (2) per household/address. Void where prohibited, restricted or taxed. Click Here for Complete Details - Johnsonville Brats
  15. Sewing
    They were incredibly simple to make. You took a shirt, any shirt that had a bit of give, like a t-shirt and sewed a sheet around it to make a dress. It was so easy it could be sewn by hand. I lost the directions and it was so long ago that I can't quite remember how to do it. Thanks, Polly
  16. Sewing
    Was wondering if anyone had simple instructions or maybe a link for instructions on how to make a peasant style shirt without a pattern? I am wanting to sew one and it looks simple enough, but I sure would feel more confident if I could read instructions also!!:loop:
  17. Sewing
    It was a swing baby doll style shirt that DD had received as a hand me down. She outgrew it and the ends of the long sleeves were to worn to pass on to another girl. So it became a baby doll dress for her baby. I didn't use a pattern just explained the parts shoulder seam, side seam to DD and...
  18. For Sale or Trade
    Purple Women's Clothing Satin Trimed Shirt Blouse - Size 18W - Tags Still Attached Posted by: [email protected] Description: Brand new, still has tags on itpurple satin trimmed blouse.Machine washable.Size 18WShipping $4.00 USPS.Shipping only to the lower 48 United States.No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska...
  19. Freebies Want a Butthead shirt or hat? This web site contains lots of gross pictures and facts about smoking. You can also hear real stories from NWT people and test your knowledge about smoking. And most important – Don't be a Butthead! Take The...
1-19 of 40 Results