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  1. Weddings and bridal showers
    Ok I try to work things out in most situations, but I just kind of snapped at my sister today. I had a 20% off coupon for payless shoes. I was going to see if I could find some cheap, but nice looking flats for the two weddings I am in coming up. So I called her and asked if one of the two...
  2. Preparedness and Survival
    3 March 2011 Tracker Magic Spiker, Icers, Shoe spikes. 3 March 2011 Tracker Magic Spiker, Icers, Shoe spikes. I walk about 5 km each day, often on icy sidewalks. I was introduced to these icers, and have found them to be perfect on hard smooth ice. An added advantage is there is sufficient...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    I think I'm in love! This idea just might be exactly what I been needing to get my herbs going. Isn't it neat that they're all located in one area? I love the idea of easily being able to hang this in just the right sun location too. I have an organizer that I don't use anymore since replacing...
  4. Green Living
    Yesterday i kicked those old leather boots out of my clean home: It seems gross to me to donate such stuff. Full leather, no zippers and only the soles and heels are plastic. Are they worthless gross garbage or can i toss them into the recycling bin?
  5. Freebies
    Wanna Free Tshirt? What’s Your Favorite Shoe Story? Tell Us And Receive a FREE Smiley Face Tshirt! Currently we have HUNDREDS of stories to read and publish. Once we get caught up, we will open this opportunity up again! *See Below for Complete Details. *Addendum:To weed...
  6. For Sale or Trade
    Knee Hi Support Stockings - Brand New - Three (3) Pair - Fits shoe sizes 8 - 12 Posted by: [email protected] Description: Brand New!Three (3) pair, two off black, one white, knee high support lightly toning.Fits shoe sizes 8 - 12. These three packages are Size B.Shipping is $4.00, USPS.Shipping only to...
  7. Household notebooks and home manuals
    Printable Kids Shoe Sizer :bow:
  8. Freebies
  9. Freebies
    Get a free soft shoe bag from Quark Footwear
  10. Coupons
  11. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    I got 6 pairs of new shoes at Walmart yesterday, they had a heck of a clearance sale. I went in with $20.00 budgeted to buy a pair of black shoes and came out with 6 for 18 plus tax! I also got 12 pairs of panties for 20 cents each! Yesterday was my deal day for sure!  :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  12. Home Environment
    Goes along with our shoe challenge for the weekend!,1801,HGTV_3142_2335007,00.html
  13. Household notebooks and home manuals
  14. Leisure & Media Arts Next it will tell me that I never have time to spend with them and nag me to go running! It'll become a neo-shoe and I'll have to walk them or they'll die. ugh
  15. Home and family challenges
    I got to thinking about a post a read and poste in about shoes and organizing so earlier I took a trash bag to my closet. I threw away 9 pairs of shoes and now all but 2 pairs of work boots and a pair of tennis shoes fit on my rack!!! Maybe I'll do under my bathroom sink
  16. Household notebooks and home manuals
  17. Frugal Living
    Hi! OK, I usually have to purchase 2 pairs of shoes for my feet. Now, I HATE the thought of tossing the odd shoes out into the trash. However, the one place in Iowa that used to take the odd shoes, is no longer, or I've not been able to locate them on the internet. Does anyone know of...
1-18 of 19 Results