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  1. Just Tips
    I came across this site called which I find to be a time saver. It gives the toll free number for a huge number of companies. Plus it gives the shortcut to get through the automated system and get a real person on the line. Examples Verizon Wireless for example is...
  2. Freebies Check out these sample shortcuts. You'll find fast, easy ways to do great things for your active family at mealtime, game time … anytime! Then get the complete Soccer Mom Shortcuts Book. It's yours FREE.
  3. Kitchen Basics
    Cooked and ready-to-go main ingredients in the freezer are like money in the bank, especially when you come across a sale. If you keep basic pantry items (such as pastas, rice, canned tomatoes and soups) and frozen items (such as vegetables) on hand, you'll be able to have a hearty supper on...
  4. Christmas,2792,DRMN_107_5188079,00.html
  5. General Chat
    List of some companies and how to reach a real person vs. waiting through automated messages.
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    I think this is pretty sad if kids don't know the difference or at the very least respect, learn, and use proper English. I think some feel language evolves and acceptable is what the majority is able to understand and convey. We've all seen new words crop up in the dictionary and how common...
1-6 of 6 Results