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  1. General Chat
    Family cow shot and killed, left on street |
  2. General Chat
    CVS has their flu shot clinic going again. Already went for the shot. Seems to work every year so I am happy about that. Also if you have medicare it is free, which is even better. Realize not everyone gets a flu shot, just wanted to get it out there in case someone wants to.
  3. Family
    ~My newest addition has blue eyes. I have brown, DH has hazel(brown with green), DS has brown, DD #1 has hazel. My parents have brown. His parents have brown. His parents' parents had brown. One of each of my parents' parents had blue eyes. That resulted in one blue eyed Aunt out of the 6 kids...
  4. Photography
    Just with the camera though. Went for a walk with the dogs today and ran into this guy. Coming out of the trail to the tracks, I thought I saw a wolf running into the trees, so I called the dogs and kept them close. Got a little way past where the animal had ran into the trees, there he was...
  5. Pets
    Heard this today from my friend who works at Petco- the 'Luv my pet' shot clinics have a special this month, rabies shots $5 instead of $15. If you utilize these shot clinics and have rabies due or coming up soon, now's the time!
  6. General Chat
    2:30 am, dd called us- some idiot shot through her patio window....the bullet ricocheted off the dining room ceiling & imbedded in the wall. She had been sleeping in the bedroom when she heard a man yelling, then the gun going off & hearing all of the glass shattering. The idiot lives in the...
  7. General Chat
    I ordered a Big Shot and it came yesterday. I think I'm going to enjoy it, but not sure of everything about it yet. Have any of you used this before? Any tips?
  8. General Chat
    Just a reminder that CVS and Walgreens and probably other places are giving out flu shots. I have medicare and it was completely covered at CVS.
  9. General Chat
    Just a reminder. CVS is offering flu shots and I think Walgreens has started theirs. You might want to see when they have them near you.
  10. General Chat
    I am fighting the urge to crawl back into bed and assume a fetal position. My life is spinning out of control right now and I am so stressed out. I need some encouragement please friends. My dh is NO help. I am starting a new job on Tuesday. I will be a bus driver and I have to be up and...
  11. General Chat
    i got mine today :) i work in a hospital so we got them free from employee health. i believe that taking the flu shot is a good thing. i feel fortunate that i get mine free -- i saw ads for cvs/riteaid stating prices $35-$40.
  12. General Chat
    I had a rough day. Was the busiest day of the year at work, I came home after 6 pm completely exhausted.. only to have my 2 yr old NOT 10 MINUTES LATER, fall of his little play table (which he has taken to climbing on), and knock his two front teeth loose:ouch:. I rushed him up to the ER...
  13. General Chat
    I got mine yesterday at doctor's office and Hubby got his at work last week. Hubby's insurance pays 100% for them, so it's crazy not to get it. I was also told by my doctor that Hubby's insurance will now pay 100% for Prilosec OTC, but he will have to still write a script for it. I thought...
  14. Health and beauty
    I've heard a lot of pros and cons regarding the flu shot... I'm looking for advice as to whether or not my hubby and I should start getting it... Thanks in advance! :wave:
  15. Third Agers
    The Flu Is here !! Got the flu shot 2 1/2 weeks ago,, Now have the Flu ,, YUCK !! If you can, get it now, before its too late.. We heard it was in Nebraska, we thought it would stay there for awhile, but it is moving fast.. Havent had the flu for a couple years, forgot,, man it really knocks...
  16. General Chat
    I never have but DH, being a firefighter who goes to countless medical aid calls, swears by it and gets one every year. I hope I am not jinxing myself, but I can't remember when I last got the flu. Being a baker, I am a compulsive handwasher and I think that really helps.
  17. Health and beauty Influenza Shots? No thank you! The Flu vaccine is worthless and damaging! It is impossible to prevent disease by artificial means. by Vivian Virginia Vetrano, D.C., hM.D., M.D., PH.D. [email protected] •
  18. Leisure & Media Arts
    I am so sick of Days I'm watching Mr. Rogers and the Berenstain Bears now. Was flipping channels and LO! a bullet to the chest! Can't believe I caught that. She has to die now because Beavis and Butthead have written her character into a corner and there is no where for her to go. But...
1-18 of 24 Results