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  1. General Chat
    Just curious...for those of you here that sell on Ebay... in the last 1-2 yrs,have you found that it is becomming more difficult to sell your items? I have resolved to selling only during the holiday seasons b/c of this...& now, I am noticing that compared to the last 2 years, it is getting...
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    He is becoming more frugal than I am!!! First we needed to pay some bills and DH suggested we sell our bedroom set because one, I think its to big, and two I wanted to buy newer stuff when we can. So we sold it for $425 bucks! Then DH has been REALLY wanting an itouch for so long now, but been...
  3. Pets
    Attaching pictures of my pets, listed in my signature. Just for fun.
  4. General Chat
    Ok last night was the last straw... I'm usually really good at remembering what's in my dreams and there he was, standing in that dream of mine like he had a reason to be there. It was odd because I was hanging laundry up and he was walking around, and we were actually being civil to each other...
  5. General Chat
    I should be cleaning - instead I'm playing on the village!:punch:
  6. Pets
    I haven't figured out yet how to add pictures here in the Village, so here's a link to critter pics instead The first page is about Hunter, the Dane, and if you scroll down on the that page, there'll be small picture links to his brothers and sisters. Hope you'll enjoy...
  7. General Chat
    We are getting the rain from mean old hurricane Ivan today and it's a doozy. I realize that it's nothing compared to those actually hit by the hurricane but it's still unnerving. Several schools here were closed today in anticipation, but not dd's. She has probably spent most of her school...
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    :couch:   I saw on the caller ID that we had a phone call from a realty agency.... I was on the other line at the time.  Then, about ten minutes later, some guy in a shirt and tie is ringing my doorbell as he tries to open my front door.  (I just stayed in the back room until he left!)  We...
  9. General Chat
    Thanks to Deb and my now 16yr old we finally got my daughters up to show off!! This is my favorite picture of them! Yes, I am a very proud mama!! I picture my baby boy looking like Makayla since she looks so much like my dh.. Carol
  10. Health and beauty
    DH in an effort to help working out be fun bought me the dance pad and the Dance Dance Revolution game for the PS2. This is soo much fun..we can do two player mode and challenge each other. It also has a workout feature where it tells you how many Calories you have burned and compares it to...
  11. Hobbies
    I am learning so many new things, that to be honest I'm quite proud of. I made this card for my brothers wedding coming up in September and I used wire and seed beads to bead it! I promise I WILL stop showing off but I really wanted to show it to somebody who might appreciate it. My DH says...
1-12 of 19 Results